Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Hold on to your seatbelts until the month March is over!

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Mercury has officially finished its retrograde on February the 20th but (yes, there is always a but!) it generally takes a week for Mercury to move at its normal motion and until then the energy is still wonky!

This time Mercury is being hammered by the aspect of the Moon’s north node, Rahu, which certainly adds more fuel to the fire with Mercury makin it behave like a retrograde enhanced!

However, the light is at the end of the tunnel as Mercury leaves this “red zone” in the next few days and you will feel less scattered, more focused and a tad better energetically.

So many people have felt overwhelmed if not clobbered by this mixed-up chaotic energy from the last month. How about you?

For those who say they haven’t (yes there are a few!), well, hats off to you but then we must do a thorough inquiry to see how true that is. Perhaps you’ve been affected by your electronics going haywire.

Because technology has become ridiculously erratic in the last month which is also a Mercury retrograde influence! Have you experience such things? I know I have!

So, time to celebrate after the 5th of March because you will surely notice more flow and less agitation.

However, Don’t get carried away with your excitement.

Besides the agitation of Mercury’s influence in February, we now have other forms of agitation coming in from other planetary energies. Intensity, impatience, intolerance, anger, and explosiveness will be some of the keywords to use for this month.

It’s not too hard to figure out where those words are originating from…re-lockdown with the rules and restrictions that are still being imposed upon the people from our so-called leaders, that are making less sense as the months tick by.

There are more deaths occurring from Covid restrictions rather than from Covid.

Is there another agenda going on that people need to wake up and see?

Why are the police beating up on people across Canada who are peacefully demonstrating against these restrictions?

What are these so-called officials holding back from the public?

Why are these minions acting like dictators?

These are questions that will keep coming up louder and louder in March because of two harsh energies that are coming from the planetary alignments.

One energy has been upon us since the end of December which is called the Kali Sarpa, the alignment of all the inner planets wedged in between Rahu and Ketu, in between 12 and 6 when you visualize a clock. There is an extreme intensity which occurs from this wedge, one that builds up over time.

This great intensity lasts until the end of March so if you’re expecting a breakthrough to occur this month, you had better take a big breath and look to April for that to happen, which very well may be the case!

However, there will be some form of a breakdown or change that will have to first occur.

A second wave of energy is occurring this month with the transit of Mars in conjunction with Rahu which carries a potentially volatile energy. It is not one to take lightly.

This transit occurred when the twin towers exploded.

This will take place during last 4 days of March just as the full moon occurs on the 28th of March.

Something must give which is what these planetary energies will most likely bring out in one form or another. This is called the tipping point.

This is the time of transformation that the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn brought in at the end of 2019 and this energy is not yet by any means finished!

Pluto first bring destruction and in this case for 2021 it is the destruction to the old paradigm that we have been living in. Pluto then can transformation like the Phoenix who rises from the ashes as we enter the new paradigm.

We have also had the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the winter solstice which is also about letting go of the old paradigm and bringing in the new one, but this cannot happen before some major upheavals take place, upheavals in the consciousness of humans.

This certainly appears to be the tipping point!

Keep hope, keep the faith and know that this is the era of the great change in the age of Aquarius.

Take the opportunity to have a chart reading at this time to get a clarification to some choices or decisions you may have already be pondering for after all, your astrology chart is your blueprint.

Please do book a private reading with me if you'd like to see how your own planets are affected during these tumultuous times.

Many Blessings,


John R. Fyfe 

(519) 803-4145

Email: john_r_fyfe@yahoo.com

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