Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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November: Solar Eclipse, Turning up the Heat

The planetary energies for October didn’t have the great clap of thunder or the hard rain that many of us thought was going to fall.

Or did it?

The Hurricane from hell attacked Florida. The energy war is now occurring with The fear of having no heat for the winter is on for most of Europe. Diesel in the US is apparently running out and with that transportation could stop. And The Transgender war is heating up which seems to have taken up more time than the war in Ukraine.

Perhaps, the most frightening thing of all is the selection (not voted in by the public) of the new Prime Minister of England, his highness Rishi Sunak who is a member of the Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum team as are Trudeau and Crystia Freeland from Canada. Rutte from Holland and countless others.

Joe Biden has already messed up his name by calling him Ritchie Sanook.

“Ritchie Sannok” and his wife, Akshaka Murty who is classified as a businesswoman have a combined net worth of a modest one billion 500 million dollars.

Just the type of people you want to have looking after “we the people.” But then again, most leaders in the world, (if not all) are multi-millionaire. It must be a pre-requisite

All of this in October.

What about November? After all this is meant to be an astrology blog!
But first a personal news item:

In mid-November I will be launching a new forum from my website with writings titled John’s Thoughts which will include excerpts from my book titled, The Inverted World. It is an idea I have had for many years and has now come to fruition. It will feature personal stories about The Heroes and Zeroes in Canada since the 2020 lockdown!  Don’t worry in Volume 2 we will talk about the Heroes and Zeros throughout the world.

A Link will be sent to you and I hope you will come on board.

Now for Astrology info:

November brings in a full lunar eclipse on November the 8th and that should be one intense hit as the USA midterm elections occur on this day.

Watch for more deception like there was in 2020!

Maybe we should call it the Trick or Treat lunar eclipse of November the 8th because there will be trickery in The World Full of Lies!

For the likes of us, the aftermath effect from a lunar eclipse can be likened to a dark cloud crossing over the Sun on a warm summer day. A sudden quiet comes in, the leaves are still and the birds stop singing. Eclipses can bring us into more soul searching, something that has probably already occurred with some since the solar eclipse of October the 25th

Did the new Moon that eclipsed the Sun on the 25th  leave you feeling a little despondent or perhaps a tad weary or more emotional?

The Moon also signifies our immune system and when the Moon is weak as is when new, you can be prone to colds and flu-like symptoms. Some people have been under the weather these days.

After the lunar eclipse on November the 8th, making a fresh start in some areas of your life can have good results. Making plans in between the two eclipses can be the opposite where for some reason or another, plans just don’t come to fruition.

During the month of November, Venus is in its own wonderful sign of Libra which can help bring in harmony and open more opportunities for romance, even money.

But there’s much interference going on around poor Venus these days, making it feel like a wilting flower in a dried-up swamp!

Nevertheless, some of you might still have Venus work its magic, perhaps finding love in your life or perhaps the Venus energy has ignited a flame of hope for you!

Mars has just begun its retrograde and you can be sure it will bring impatience, arguments and disturbances, perhaps even more explosions in the world. It is already happening.

Watch for events leading up to November the 8th as well as the week afterward.

Mars will retrograde until mid January and therefore we need to maintain some semblance of balance so we can walk our tightrope without falling off because there will be a lot of reaction going on out there.

Thankfully, Saturn is out of retrograde (after almost half a year) and near the end of November, Jupiter will also leave its 5 months retrograde. Hallelujah!

When these two outer planets change their vibration by moving direct, more flow comes our way. The retrograde of Jupiter and Saturn certainly has left us in an energy field of feeling stuck.

So, Ladies and gentleman buckle up your seat belts once more and get ready for things to heat up!

Please do book a private reading with me if you'd like to see how your own planets are affected during these tumultuous times.

Many Blessings,


John R. Fyfe 

(519) 803-4145



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