Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Stargazers Newsletter for January 2018-The Super Moon, Eclipses and the Earth Dog

The New Year is now upon us and with this symbolic happening, let us all do a reset and let go of the intensity which seemed to be the case for most of 2017.

Is 2018 going be easier for us? Will there more flow and fluidity? Can we be more in peace in the moment? These are some of the questions many people are asking and hoping for.

My call is that the celebration for the New Year will occur in mid-February when finally, after six months of the planets being caught in the astral wedge, trapped between those ecliptic points, Rahu and Ketu, they break free!

This begins with Venus making its breakthrough in the 3rd week of January as she will be the first planet to cut the intensity which all the planets and their energies suffer when in this “wedge.”

Venus will be conjunction with the Sun during the first two weeks of January, then will also break away from this combusted state (being burnt). Venus is known to be the planet that signifies harmony and happiness and love. This breakthrough begins the process of having more balance come into your life.

With Mars joining Jupiter opposite Uranus into the New Year, we will feel a need to push ahead with new ideas and a new action plan spurring us along, with perhaps many surprises to surface.

Uranus will also be in Aries for the next many years and with that will bring sudden unexpected changes into our lives. Your new year may have sudden and unexpected shifts.

The "Super" Full Moon enters Gemini on New Year’s Day and This full moon can be rather stormy with a combust Saturn and Venus opposite each other in the sign of Sagittarius. This transit dampens the mood somewhat, but is an opportune time to step back to inspect our long-goals for 2018.

We still have two eclipses occurring on February the 1st and then the 15th. Eclipses always cause some emotional turbulence where we may be forced to review these last six months when they last occurred.

However, this time around, we may close the door to old story-lines which may have flared up during this period as this “breakthrough” with the planets will most certainly bring a surge of positive energy.

The Chinese New Year arrives on February the 16th, the year of the Earth Dog and the synchronicity of this dates occurring with the planets in transit breaking through the wedge is not just a coincidence.

What does the Earth Dog forecast?

The dog is the symbol of intelligence and protection which can make 2018 a sensitive period during which activists, students and also ordinary citizens may wake up feeling deprived of hope and socially excluded. They won’t hesitate to demand radical changes to their life conditions, and to preserve the future of our children.

The Dog year will build strength of character, as areas such as education, morality, social life, health and caring for our elders will be fundamental questions which will get reviewed and revised during this pivotal period.

The Dog will insist on people rejecting actions based on individual drives and narcissistic behaviour which is becoming rampant in our society.

The Dog wants to bring more meaning and importance to family circles and friendships this year and he also says that if you are single, then the chances of meeting someone this year are indeed strong!

These past six months have given us an opportunity to wrap up 2017 and to welcome in a shift of welcomed fresh new energy with the Super Full Moon, two eclipses and the Earth Dog influence.












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