Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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January The Aquarian Pathway to Freedom

There is a reason why Aquarius follows Capricorn. We cannot have Aquarius’ promise of freedom unless we learn how to deal with rules, processes, and hierarchies (Capricorn) first.   

But with Saturn’s departure from Capricorn, there is nothing left to learn about top-down rules and structures.

 Saturn in Aquarius will bring us a different type of order. Freedom is what Aquarius offers removing the shackles that Saturn in Capricorn has place upon us.

Here’s hoping humanity opts for that door!

We can’t forget that in 2020 we had the most intense transits, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

This transit deals with hardships and restrictions that Saturn brings in followed by turmoil because of the resistance and rebelliousness of Pluto.

Pluto ultimately leads us transformation but not before destruction happens.

Pluto and Saturn were in conjunction in 1914 (WW1) 1947 (War torn Europe in a mess after WW2) and 1982 (stock market crash and the arrival of the Fauci’s Aids virus).

We also need to remember that in December of 2020 we had Saturn conjunct Jupiter which was also a significant astrological event with an aftermath effect.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction made us feel caged in, tethered down and unable to move freely through life as we would like. (Surprise, surprise!)

Jupiter is about expansion while Saturn signifies restriction. These are two opposite energies at work

This has been a frustrating energy but in hindsight, it his meant to be a benefit as It will help you open your eyes to reality.

This last year might have felt to have been a downer with so many changes going on in your life which has affected your sense of stability.

However, the aftermath effect of this Saturn/Jupiter transit is going to help you with making more efficient decisions.

Keep in mind that the decisions you make during this transit will be the foundation of years to come!

We have now made it to January 2023 and these important world changing transits which have occurred will continue to have an aftermath effect.

Until transformation takes place.

 What changes would you like to make in your personal life?

The planets energies of these last 3 years are indicating that the time is here.

We are going to be extremely happy as Mars in retrograde comes to a halt which occurs on January the 12th after two and half months of disturbance.

Our patience has been stretched as we have been faced with more reactions and hostilities amongst people as well as within ourselves.

There has also been a sense of hopelessness in the air as a depleted mars can make one feel deflated.

How Mars affects you depends where it is is placed in your chart.

Last year in January 2022 Venus retrograde came in for six weeks and that was a tough one!

The spark of one’s inner light got diminished and that affected personal relationships as Venus signifies romance. There were breakdowns during this transit and some didn’t make it through in the aftermath.

Mars retrograde has more heavy-handed energy as it can fight with everyone and its retrograde lasts twice as long. You will feel the difference when it moves direct! The boxing gloves will be removed, at least for most.

Although the intensity of Mars will lighten up, it may be not shown to you straight away...not until mercury finishes its retrograde on the 19th.

Yes, folks, the chaos of Mercury is here once again!

The 19th is also when the New Moon arrives and so it’s a wonderful time to make a fresh start on this day.

Perhaps, this is a better date to make your new years resolutions!

On December the 15th 2022, I did an interview with Caroline Oceana Ryan on BBS radio. During this interview we discussed what was going on with the planets during the last year and what is projected for 2023. There were many other topics that we spoke about as well in our one-hour session.

Here is the link to the recording. Have a listen and enjoy!

I wish you all a happy New Year, a year that manifests your hopes and dreams. You deserve it!

Thank you for opening up your door and letting me in to talk about the planets in transit and other realities.

Please do book a private reading with me if you'd like to see how your own planets are affected during these tumultuous times.

Many Blessings,


John R. Fyfe 

(519) 803-4145


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