Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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The February Effect

 We will be starting this month off with a bang with a Full Moon Lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse on the 15th of February.

 These two eclipses will bring about some form of conclusion to the last six months of intensity. It was at first thought that the eclipses of August were to alleviate the intensity of 2017, but that didn’t happen due to certain lingering influences from the planets in transit.

This Full Moon eclipse has been getting much attention (just as the solar eclipse in August did), due to its nearness to the earth, making it about 15% larger than normal. This Full Moon is being called--A Super Blue Blood Moon.

The Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in the same month which is a rarity, and which probably gives you a better understanding of the saying that you have heard over the years, “Once in a Blue Moon!”

The Blood Moon is the distinctive reddish colour that occurs when the Earth sits directly between the Sun and the Moon forcing sunlight to pass through the atmosphere. The atmosphere then filters out the bluish hue which then changes to that of an Orange/red coloured light. It is being said that this is phenomena has not occurred for 150 years.

We need to think back to what was stirring up for you during the Total Solar Eclipse which happened on August 21/2017. It is likely that whatever was going on with you during that time and the months afterward, is now being wrapped up, resolved and put to rest.

However, in my opinion, the real phenomena will be after the two eclipses occur when the New Moon and the Chinese New Year arrive on 16th of February.

This aftermath effect should bring a release from this intense, pent-up energy which has been in the collective air since August. This sense of release may happen suddenly for you or it could occur in the weeks/months afterward. It will be up us to make our own reset.

Change is there for us to take but perhaps, changing our perspective is the beginning, to step out of that proverbial box we feel we are in. Many have expressed that they want to open a new door in their lives or find another doorway. This is now the time!

Venus will lead the way on Wednesday, the 31st of January with its exit out of the wedge (called the Kali Sarpa), where the planets have been stuck in since August.

Nevertheless, with its exit, Venus will be having a direct meeting with the ecliptic points, Rahu and Ketu, as will the Sun and the Moon and this may still carry an aftermath effect upon us for a few weeks.

The emotional Moon may stir up old feelings while the soul of the Sun could make you wonder where you are going in your life.

Venus, on the other hand, may want to break free, to get wild and want to party, begin a relationship or even break one up.

It is always said not to begin new projects during this time, sign papers or make a full commitment to a situation or a person. This two-week period in between eclipse so often brings some form of shadow to situations and those projects.

Eclipses are often a turning point in our lives, so keep an open mind during this time and if possible, make your decisions after the 15th of February, after the solar eclipse, when the New Moon comes in

There will be many people who will most likely have planets in their personal chart being directly challenged from the eclipses as well and very likely situations from the last six months could re-occur, conclude or bring to you once again a review.

When two planets (Venus and the Sun) move out of the wedge this month, you will notice a change of vibration, a change that will be for the better. The cup may begin to look half full again, rather than half empty.

On another note of interest is the movement of Uranus from the sign of Pisces into Aries (as seen in the Vedic system). Uranus has already given us a taste of change being that in the tropical (Western Astrology) system, its entry into Aries has already taken place for quite some time now.

Uranus signifies unexpected change and will always do the unexpected. Uranus signifies bringing those changes for your personal freedom, to force you out of the box which you may have come to see as being too restrictive.

It is why many people have felt like their lives have been spinning out of control and the harder they try to hold on to the old ways, the more difficult and out of balance their lives seem to have become. If you feel you want to take look at your personal chart, please feel free to book an appointment.

Aries will enforce the movement of change while Uranus will dictate what action you may very well take.

It is no coincidence that the planets in transit are getting out of the box during the time that Uranus has entered Aries. So, this year expect the unexpected but welcome it as this has been building inside yourself for quite awhile! 

Enjoy the February effect!



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