Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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The Pivotal Month of July 2020

Will July bring in more ease into our society and our lives after these last few months?

With yet another lunar eclipse occurring on July 5th, the first week or two will continue to be intense and full of mix-ups and misinformation.

However, there will be somewhat of breakthrough energy after this last eclipse which will help to bring in some smoother energy…particularly after Mercury’s retrograde finishes on July the 13th.

This breakthrough will release the intensity which has occurred from these three eclipses which began with the partial lunar eclipse that occurred on June the 5th.

Of course, we can all shout out… “What about before that?"

Before that was primarily the Pluto/Saturn conjunction which will still influence us for at least the next few years. Of course, having most of the planets in retrograde at this time hasn’t helped.

The aftermath of eclipses may have left you altered in some way and perhaps you will have needed some time to see what it is you have processed during the last six months when eclipses last occurred.

Has anything changed regarding your life purpose, with your destiny?

For this is what eclipses can bring out and much has indeed changed since the Covid Pandemic hit the world.

What do we need to process now?

Well, for starters we need to process what is the truth…but during the next few weeks, Mercury in retrograde will likely bring out more lies.

Mercury signifies our analytical mind and nervous system but is also known to be an exaggerator, a manipulator, and liar, and when its energy becomes exaggerated, watch out!

We are still experiencing exaggerated rules and regulations that are being enforced, though we are seeing in different regions some moderation; however there are rules still intact which may never go away. The rule-makers love to tighten the strings whenever they can.

Mercury finishes its retrograde on July the 13th and this will once again bring in more flow and perhaps more honesty.

In July, Jupiter, in its retrograde backtracks into the sign of Sagittarius which will be an important re-occurrence!

What will that be?

I have inserted a paragraph from Vedic Astrologer Barry Rosen in his insightful Astro/Blog.

“Our sense of right and wrong and justice has been subverted and we have 5 months to get it back with Jupiter retrograding back into Sagittarius. Look for truth to finally come out about the FBI and CIA in miscarrying justice for political reason and look for a possible return to sanity around law and order in our land. We are watching the social disintegration of the US and its legal system and we have about 5 months to get it right or we will be in a Banana Republic the next 4 years.

Please dig deeper into the truth here as it is scary when Jupiter goes back to Capricorn Nov. 2020 to Nov. 2021 for the future of law and justice and order in our society. The curse of Sagittarius is that it will create war and conflict in order to uphold its belief and fundamentalist values and the US being Sagittarius rising is a difficult example of this.

However, we may finally see a resolution to the fake news epidemic as moral and ethical behaviour journalism will benefit from Jupiter in Sagittarius aspecting Gemini and this many provide relief from the plaque on TV journalism which seems to sink to new lows every day as rumour, innuendo, and gossip dominate truth.

Hopefully, the case against Google and Facebook for censorship will be won and create justice and most of you probably are not aware how much domination and propaganda are being pushed by them. Google’s invasion into privacy is going at warp speed and they already have Covid-tracking apps on your cell phones unless you opt-out of them but who can figure that out in their maze of sub-programs.”


For many of us, the months ahead will be so important to reclaim our power as the hidden agendas become more exposed.

Is it possible that we will become more united? That won’t be easy with this huge division that has taken place among people.

Venus has finally completed its retrograde and at some point, this will boost our morale for Venus signifies love, enthusiasm and joy which was quite the opposite from what it brought in these last 6 weeks.

However, Neptune has now begun its retrograde and so we have another planet going into an erratic orbit joining up with Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus but has a different slant in other areas for it signifies illusion and loves to exist in a virtual reality world.

Therefore, Neptune will do its absolute best to keep many people in a false reality as they attempt to make the New Normal in our world work. Unfortunately, this reality down the road may likely lead us all into a harsher more confined world.

It is obvious that we have some work to do and perhaps from July 15th, with the alleviation of ecliptic energy and Mercury mixups, we might feel some positive energy beginning to flow as more clarity comes in about what this new paradigm could bring for us.

Remember that love can breakdown all obstacles.

Perhaps Nesara and Gesara are realities that will bring us into a much better world, one that we’ve all been hoping for. Check out what those projects are indicating.

Do you need to have a confirmation on plans that you are thinking to make this year? Your chart will help guide you to what obstacles that may be in the way and what positive changes are waiting for you. I am always here for sessions.

I will still be offering a discount on sessions until the middle of July which will then be the end of the eclipse season when the weight becomes lighter for a few months.

The Vedic Astrology Discount offer for sessions which is $108 dollars, instead of $150. I know many of you need the extra support at this time.

Take care & I look forward to breathing easier in the months to come.

Many Blessings,


John R. Fyfe 

(519) 803-4145

Email: john_r_fyfe@yahoo.com


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