Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Treading Water in the Sea of Emotions??


July will see Neptune and Venus begin their retrograde, joining Saturn and Pluto who already started to do the same in June.

Get ready folks! The retrograde of most planets will be the theme for the rest of the year and is generally seen as unfavourable.

Here is an explanation of retrograde from Astrostyle.com

“The Earth completes its orbit around the Sun at a different pace than other planets outside its orbit. Periodically, it will outpace them (or vice versa)—and that’s when retrograde mayhem breaks loose.

Much like a speeding car or train passing a slower one, the planet that’s being passed will appear to stop and move backward—which is the apparent retrograde period.”

When we have Venus and Neptune in retrograde, it might be time to bring out the Kleenex to wipe away the tears that may occur during this time.

Venus is the planet that signifies harmony, balance and love, but when retrograde challenges in these areas occur but your cup might feel more empty than full and what seemed to make you content is no longer happening. This is often the feeling when Venus is in retrograde.

Neptune in its retrograde adds to these feelings as Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.

Neptune signifies illusion and intuition and because it is in the sign of Pisces, it will act as an emotional trigger making you feel much more sensitive.

Venus doesn’t retrograde until July 22nd, but Neptune has already begun to do so, and so it begins.

With Saturn moving ever so slowly in its retrograde many have felt some repressive energy that it has brought in these last two weeks.

Have you been wondering why you haven't felt so upbeat this month?

Is it because June has now been called Pride Month, and the Summer Solstice celebrations have taken a back seat?

Is it because Paris is burning to the ground?

Are the fires bringing tears to your eyes?

Saturn signifies restrictions and repressive energy, while Neptune is all about illusion.

When these two planets are in retrograde, they will make things more extreme.

Perhaps it will force us to look at the bigger picture.

The 2023 retrograde cycles can be a blessing in disguise if we use them to our advantage. These forced timeouts provide a window of time to slow down, review and refine.

We need to be reminded that the Pluto conjunction in the US chart will continue to bring about an explosive energy as it will persevere to expose all the hidden agendas until the real reset is done. That is the nature of Pluto and its transit is a long lasting one until it gets the job done. 

The Full Moon occurs on July the 3rd the day before Independence Day in the US. It seems to be the time to reclaim independence!

This will only enhance the lunacy that is going on worldwide.

Moving backwards in July might later move us forward, in the sea of emotions, just like the tide.

Just keep paddling & you'll be fine.


Please do book a private reading with me if you'd like to see how your own planets are affected during these tumultuous times.

Many Blessings,


John R. Fyfe 

(519) 803-4145


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