Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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April Showers brings May Flowers

It’s quite easy to predict that April will be a rather chaotic month, much the same as it has been since the middle of March. It certainly seems that each month in the last year has had its own intensity with the alignment of the planets!

We kick off April with the Full Moon occurring. Technically, this Full Moon occurs at the end of March and therefore becomes the second Full Moon in the same month and therefore called a Blue Moon.

The Moon when Full is opposite the Sun but Mercury is hovering around this area as well and so this triggers the emotional side of Moon and activates the nervous system that is connected to Mercury.

Of course, we still have our good old friend, Mercury in retrograde (until April 16th) being accompanied now with Saturn and Jupiter in their retrograde and who will remain in this motion for approximately the next four months.

The openings and expansion that are symbolic of Jupiter often do the opposite during this time-frame while Saturn in retrograde can make situations in life feel more restrictive.

However, during the next week, we will have volatile Mars go into conjunction with Saturn so watch out for over-reaction from people as well as impatience and bad temperament. In the world, there may be some volatile situations that could occur. Saturn and Mars together are like having a warm front colliding with a cold front which usually brings thunderstorm activity!

 Mercury in retrograde and in the sign of Pisces is like having a double whammy of erratic energy. Adding to this, Mercury is also under the influence from the ecliptic points and so it’s more like having a triple whammy of wacky energy!

This can bring on (if it hasn’t already) an onslaught of mixed communications, anxieties and continuous problems with electronics. With Rahu’s (the ecliptic point) effect on Mercury, you can expect some form of sabotage energy whereas everything you seem to be wanting to do or make happen either takes forever or gets blocked.

However, you may be living in the quiet countryside where life has more chance of being lived in balance as the erratic Mercurial energy doesn’t get activated quite the same way, though you still may have problems with electronics, or perhaps even with your car battery or the alternator!

We get to see (especially when we are living at a closer proximity to the city) that we are so dependent on electrical components and with Mercury in its fallen sign and retrograde, the dysfunction of such things become more apparent. We get to see what’s it like living in the world ruled by machinery and electronics. Maybe Mercury wants to expose how erratic and dysfunctional it all is!

April is going to be the month for a reset.

It will be a good time to take a look at your Chart, DNA activations or a Reconnection appointment. 

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In the meantime, I like that Spring is in the air and a beautiful May is around the corner!


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