Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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August Newsletter: The light at the end of the Tunnel

Hello Stargazers ~

I wonder how you’ve managed in the month of July during Mercury’s intense retrograde and Saturn being squeezed by the ecliptic points?

I hope that most of you were able to get away from the madness of city life where this chaotic energy only gets magnified during this time. Perhaps many of you already live in the countryside and if you do, I certainly take my hat off to you!

 Now for some astrology highlights.

August will begin with some good news!

The 1st of August brings in the New Moon which is a great away to start up the month with revamped energy and possibilities of starting afresh with plans, hopes, and dreams!

It will also bring some form of closure to the ecliptic energy that occurred in July being that those eclipse energies can often subject us to some form of deep reflections, doubt, and worry.

Time to release it now!

Mercury will also, go direct on August the 1st just hours after the New Moon which is a great time and quite auspicious to have more flow come into your life.

Mercury going in direct motion will alleviate the pressure in our nervous system releasing blockages and chaos which most likely has been hovering around you.

However, it will probably take another week for this flow to unfold for this is the time it takes for planets when moving out of retrograde as they start to move at their normal speed. The first week is like a stutter step.

However, it is very likely you will still feel a positive change take place straight away!

Next on the positive side is Jupiter who will complete its 4-month retrograde on August the 11thand this will once again help to alleviate blocked energy.

Jupiter signifies moving forward, positivity and expansion of your ideas. The barrier on the door has been lifted when Jupiter goes direct!

Now for the other side of the coin with the planets in transit.

Saturn will remain in its conjunction with the south node, Ketu until October and this alignment is largely to blame (if blame is the proper word) for the split-reality that seems to be taking place in our society.

Saturn in this alignment with Ketu is much like a pendulum of two energies swinging to the left and then to the right.

Saturn going to the left can make people obtuse, controlling, stubborn and mean but when the pendulum of Saturn swings to the right, it can make people feel lethargic, vulnerable and lacking the hope they used to have in life.

People by and large are acting out both sides of this energy and if you are feeling slammed by some people from the narcissistic left side of Saturn’s pendulum, it might explain why some of you might be feeling left out and rejected or despondent and lethargic and thinking that you no longer wish to placate friends or even family members!

This conflict is there for us to see loud and clear and is teaching us to stay in our truth but to keep an open heart as well and not to shout it out to others who will refuse to listen anyhow.

The left side of the Saturn pendulum can be the narcissist who will never look in the mirror, so save your breath and let go of any expectations from some people who you feel have hurt or disappointed you.

 To find the balance of this pendulum of emotions are the solution!

Next on our intensity List!

The inner planets have now entered what I call the wedge. This is a Kali Sarpa Yoga and is one of the more intense alignments of them all. This wedge is when all the planets are between the ecliptic points, Rahu and Ketu, much the same if you look at a clock and see all the planets in between 12 noon and 6 PM.

This yoga will last for the next six months and will increase the intensity which has already been occurring for all of us.

Perhaps the Saturn/Ketu alignment has already been preparing us.

Kali Sarpa is known for intensity in all areas of life but it doesn’t necessarily have to be all negative.

 If you are working on a project or a business which you enjoy, you may fully focus and concentrate on it in a way that you have never done before.

 If you are starting a relationship, it might go overboard with your intensity of passion!

 On the other side, the intensity can also bring about conflict with that relationship.

 With the collective, I expect this alignment of planets will increase the reactive emotions and the “my way” or “no way” attitude.

But it doesn’t have to be for you!

 It is time for us to remain diligent about raising our own perceptions, to become more aware of what those challenges in our life really mean as I believe everything has become more amplified for us to see.

Many are removing their rose-colored glasses but the glare of the light at first is stinging your eyes! Give it time to re-adjust and your vision will be clear!

 Keep sleeping and keep reacting is one side of the coin. Let go and be wise is the other side! 

If you'd like to book an appointment for a personal look into your charts, I'd be glad to support you ~

Many Blessings,





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