Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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The Heat of July

July brings in much the same intense planetary energy from where June left off but July will add to its own story with two eclipses coming in with also our favourite, Mercury retrograde!

Thankfully in June, there weren’t any major tragic world events taking place which could have been possible due to the transits of fiery Mars, volatile Pluto and restrictive Saturn closely aligned to each other.

However, these transits have affected people more in a personal way which has brought in a thunderstorm either with close friends, family members or even with relationships. As well, there have been some serious health issues flaring up with several people.

Change is happening and this will continue to float around in the collective air which will make some people more obtuse than ever as they refuse to look in the mirror while others may linger in the world of despondency and feeling less hopeful. The happy medium is what we want!

 This is the two-sided coin from the Saturn and Ketu conjunction which we discussed in our last newsletter for the month of June. This transit will go on until the end of September.

 We will have a full solar eclipse occurring this Tuesday on July 2nd which will not be seen in the western hemisphere. It is often said that when the eclipses are not visible, the effect will be less.

 What is the effect?

 The solar eclipse can make you visit the dark night of your soul while the lunar eclipse can be more about your inner emotions. Perhaps both will have the same meaning for you.

Eclipses can also bring up a familiar storyline which might make you review what took place in your life the last time they occurred at the end of January going into mid-February.

In fact, this review can be about the entire last six months and can now re-open some of those issues or perhaps by the end of the eclipses, resolve them. It all depends where you are at in your own unique situation.

Many people are feeling that their doors are getting closed, that friendships and relationships are breaking down, even finishing. This now might be the time for you to begin anew and make a fresh start!

The next six months are going to be most important for you!

 This might be the time to once and for all clear the air!

This may not be the easiest thing to do during July because once again Mercury goes into retrograde on July the 7th continuing until August the 1st and we all know by now what that means!

Chaotic energy is here when Mercury retrogrades. Already we have seen this for when Mercury begins to slow down its directional speed before it officially goes retrograde, its wacky energy becomes more profound than when it's in retrograde!

Here in Montreal, There was a day last week with a major power outage throughout the city and there have been other types of general electrical glitches with computers and with cars… not to mention roadwork diversions bordering on insanity!

How has it been going in your world?

Adding to all of this we will have five planets in retrograde…Mercury Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto and that is quite a compilation of intense erratic energy.

July is going to be a full-on month!

 I am hoping most of you will be able to take easy this month perhaps having some good vacation time away from the city…if you can make it through the construction zones to get there!

Keep your head down and don’t let these energies swallow you up or bring you down. Remember who you are and what it is you can do to bring in the joy!



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