Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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December Stargazer Newsletter

What's in store for us this month? 

December has arrived and once again the Holiday season is now upon us. 

What’s in store for us this month?

December starts with a bang of energy! We have the Full Moon arriving today and with it comes Mercury retrograde!

Moon signifies our emotions, while Mercury signifies our nervous system and analytical mind and so expect our emotions to be full on this month, though this has been much the case since the two eclipses occurred in August! 

The full Moon is in Taurus; it’s exalted sign, the most favourable sign.

It has often said by Vedic astrologers in India that whenever you start something with the Moon in Taurus, plans and ideas will work out well. So, you have two days to get moving before the Moon moves into Gemini!

Planets each have signs that are called their natural homes which would be comparable to the house that we live in for most of the year. All the planets except the Moon and the Sun have two natural homes with the Moon and the Sun only having one.

An exalted sign is comparable to going to your vacation for the summer. This is the place where you get out of your routine and live it up more. For some people that could mean the summer home on the Riviera!

Moon’s natural home is the sign of Cancer, and it is debilitated (fallen sign) in Scorpio. That would be the home that is in ill repair or is situated in a troublesome neighbourhood.

The Moon is in Scorpio on the 16th and the 17th of December, just when it reaches its weakest point due to the new Moon that arrives on the 18th, which will do two things. One, it will bring about a tired energy probably with most everyone running around with preparations for Christmas…and still working and driving in the early darkness that reaches its high point (low point) with the winter solstice coming in on the 21st.

During December, we see there are dates when the wacky energy of Mercury retrograde will accelerate. From the 14rth of December until the 21st, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of upside-down craziness.  This is similar energy to what had been occurring two weeks ago. Expect the unexpected.
But by the time Christmas day arrives, the new Moon will gain more strength and bring in an uplifting new energy. 
Passionate Venus will be in the sexual sign of Scorpio, so some people may be ready to break out at a Christmas party somewhere down the line!

 Of course, we still have the planets stuck in the Sarpa yoga (the wedge) which will go on throughout the month and into January which always adds to the tensions of the Mercury retrograde….
This can create travel delays as well as misunderstandings and frustrations.
On the 21st of December, the Sun and Saturn will be in conjunction, and Saturn will make the Sun feel it is soul-searching time. You may ask the question, "What the hell am I doing with my life? " and wondering "What is the Christmas Season all about? "

This short-lived transit will alleviate on Christmas day, but then the Moon will be in the sentimental sign of Pisces, which may stir up our emotions. This may depend on where you are at or who you are with during this time. Some people who are alone during the Holidays may feel some sadness and nostalgia. Others who are with family may resonate a bit better than in the past years.

On the 23rd of December, Mercury officially finishes its retrograde which hopefully will bring some ease with delays in travels. It also will bring less anxiety for people during the holidays although the days around New years still promise to be chaotic. 

Why would that be the case with Mercury out of its retrograde? 

Well, Mercury has company during those days as the ecliptic point Rahu is close by and always promises to cause mischief when in association with Mercury.

Myself, I had made plans to drive to Montreal (from Toronto) during that time but have now changed my plans to go on New Year's day…early. The roads will be less busy and safer unless it snows!

All in all, we see (as usual) a busy planetary traffic jam and intensity with the planets from mid-December until the 24th, but then the celestial congestion clears. However, not entirely (because of the Mercury/Rahu influence) as there will be some detours on the road just the same.

Venus enters Sagittarius later in the month, changing signs with Jupiter. This is a time to connect with our faith, or simply our set of beliefs, as we enjoy others' company around the festivities. 

Thankfully, Venus and Jupiter help to lighten the mood and keep our spirits up for the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this first Stargazers Monthly Newsletter, as it may help you make sense of the energies this month. 


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Many blessings & the Happiest of Holidays

AKA The Real John R Fyfe

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