Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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February Blues—Maybe not!

Astrology February Forecast John Fyfe

The effect from the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January has brought about explosive happenings in the world with the terrible fires in Australia, conflict arising in Iran and with the virus scare occurring in China and now into areas of the U.S.

in February, Saturn begins to move slightly away from Pluto as it enters its own sign of Capricorn.

Jupiter is also its own sign, that of Sagittarius, while Mars has the same situation being in its own sign of Scorpio.

On the 3rd of February Venus enters its exalted sign of Pisces, the best placement for Venus!

With Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus in their favourable signs, they will charge us one way or another!

Venus will bring out more aspects of hope and enthusiasm even though we are in the bleak month of February and the aftermath that January has brought in!

Jupiter in its power can add more expansive-ness with all your endeavours and plans. The other side of Jupiter can be overconfident and arrogant.

Mars can add more assertiveness and vitality to your nature. The other side of the coin for Mars is aggression and anger.

Saturn in its own sign can bring about more focus. On the other side, Saturn can manifest more control and obtuseness.

How will you channel these energies?

Because these days, that other side is being triggered with so many people!

The higher octave from the planetary energies is what we want to bring in.

To have more awareness about what the bigger picture is offsetting all the stories and situations that keep escalating.

When we raise our consciousness and become lighter, we also need to know that the opposite lifts as well, the shadow. More wisdom deals with it in a different way.

If you feel you have been swimming upward through the rapids while you see so many others spiralling downward and knocking you about, maybe its time to step onto the shore and walk around those turbulent waters!

To look at another option in your life and step out of the proverbial box!

This might be a great plan for you as the turbulence from Saturn and Pluto will be in the air for most of this year.

On February the 8th the full Moon occurs which will add even more of an impact to the energies of the four planets which are in their favourable signs.

We then need to get prepared…once again…for Mercury’s retrograde which officially occurs on February the 18th!

Know that the erratic energy of Mercury will start at least a week before!

Who says February is a dull month!  

The Chinese New Year has begun, The year of the Metal Rat!

The Rat is the first sign of the 12-animal cycle in Chinese astrology and for this reason, this year is considered to be the year of new beginning and renewals.

The Rat year is generally known to be a strong, prosperous and lucky year for most Chinese signs. Let’s bring it on!

If you'd like to book an appointment for a personal look into your charts for 2020, I'd be glad to support you, and help you get grounded for the year.

Many Blessings,





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