Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Let The January Games Begin

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 2022 will be the year that the USA has its Pluto Return!

After approximately 250 years, which is the time that it takes for Pluto to go through the 12 signs and the 12 house in a chart, it returns to its natal birth point.

Us mere mortals won’t have this transit as we don’t live that long in this timeline!

However, we all have the Pluto square Pluto transit which happens between the ages of 36 and 39 and is known to be the Mid-life crisis transit!

Take a look back and what was changing or breaking down in your life during your mid to late thirties. Most of you will notice some major events that probably took place with you then.

Pluto is known to also bring about transformation after the destruction.

What is there to destroy?

The USA will be once again challenged to find its independence as it did back in 1776.

 There was a revolution that first had to happen!

With an additional transit occurring, that being Uranus forming a square position with Saturn, we will find ourselves still in a world that will enforce impose more restrictions. This is the Saturnian energy at work but Uranus will challenge these restrictions just as Pluto does, for Uranus can bring you to the door where freedom and independence is!

 However, you have choose this door and that usually means you may need to let go of certain ideas you’ve had, friends or even some family members, or a lifestyle that you have been living.

Squares occur when planets form a 90-degree angle with each other and generally cause disruption. A Saturn, Uranus square is more intense.

This square last occurred in 2012 and lasted for the three years until 2015.

2012 was the end of the Mayan calendar and with-it great changes.openings were expected to occur, but on the surface, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Perhaps it has taken these 9 years for the Uranus and Saturn transit to reoccur for change to take place as is surely will happen.

The change needs to come from within.

Right now most of humanity is failing the test.

Perhaps the clockwork of life hasn’t yet been reset, so let’s all hope for that!

People need to step into their own power.

The mood in January will be less hopeful due to Venus in retrograde which is already having an impact with dampening our enthusiasm. Venus in retrograde can be a bummer!

We also have our favourite, Mercury in retrograde arriving January 14rth and we all know by now what that indicates by now. Keywords are busy, frantic and erratic!

We are presently living in two parallel realities and the planets Saturn and Uranus can enhance our 3D reality with more restrictions, rules, control, inflexibility and yes, tyranny, all Saturn related aspects. 

The planets in transit can also operate at another level as well.

Restriction changes to structure, rules become fair, control is unnecessary and flexibility becomes the norm. Tyranny does not exist.

Back in 1776 the powers that were to be actually made the agreement to form the new Republic of the USA on July 2nd, 1776.

The constitution was then officially signed two days later the 4rth of July, a date known as Independence Day.

Therefore, there are likely two charts for the USA to look at and both will have a strong say in the matter of events that will take place and effect us all in 2022!

This is what our February Newsletter will talk about as well as the Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger! Interesting that the winter Olympics are still going to happen and this year it will be in China!

Stay tuned!

Please do book a private reading with me if you'd like to see how your own planets are affected during these tumultuous times.

Many Blessings,


John R. Fyfe 


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