Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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The Mask in May?

Mercury’s chaotic energy has been a factor recently and will be so for the next couple of weeks. No matter what has been going on with you during the lockdown, did you not notice how busy you were? Was it hard to catch up with your day or were you caught up talking with so many people that time escaped you?

Mercury is in alignment with Uranus, a planet that is the higher octave of Mercury; this combination accelerates much activity.

Perhaps worries and anxiety became accelerated at this time, and if so, this was due to the aspect of Mercury last week from shadowy Rahu, the Moon’s north node. At the very least it could have triggered overreactions to situations that were coming up around you as Rahu has the ability to cause chaos.  

Rahu’s impact has had a huge influence on the world Since September when it entered the constellation of Ardra. This is one of the most challenging positions!

Rahu in Arda can remove everything in your path which has lived its usefulness.

 Rahu represents poisons and toxins and includes viruses.

Rahu in its own Nakshatra will expose hidden agendas, and it may shed some light that many so-called conspiracy theories that are coming could very well be conspiracy facts!

The last time Rahu was in this constellation was during the time of September 11th, 2001, which then led to the war on terror, fighting in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq.

The good news is that Rahu has just recently left this constellation (April 22nd). and although the poison/toxicity is still in the air, the crisis point has been reached and now will surely alleviate.

An antidote is around the corner but it's not in the manner of a vaccine!

This is an antidote that may remove the haze and bring more clarity into your life. This clarity could likely be about resetting your dial for what you may want in the upcoming year. Perhaps this has already happened with you during the pandemic and lockdown.

 Perhaps the rose-coloured glasses are getting removed and you are getting to see a clearer picture of what has transpired these last two months.

Although the transit of Saturn conjunct Pluto has alleviated somewhat, it is not finished as these two planets once again come into proximity with each other in the fall/autumn

Why is that?

In May, Saturn goes into its long retrograde and as it begins to regress in degrees, it slowly gets closer to Pluto around the middle of September and this will be round 2 for the great change.

As we have said in our earlier newsletters, the Saturn Pluto conjunction is a most intense one. This transit will continue to shake the world for some time and yet Pluto also signifies the phoenix rising from the ashes. The aftermath effect will bring about immense changes and we are hoping these changes will be for the better.

Shall it be an easier time for us this summer?

It won't be easy to simply return to the old paradigm and this may upset many people. The planets in transit are indicating a holding pattern. A new paradigm is waiting for you!

Not only does Saturn retrograde in May, but so will Pluto, Jupiter and Venus!

Venus in retrograde is not a happy camper!

Jupiter in retrograde put things on hold.

Saturn's energy becomes more controlling and therefore the system will likely come out with more rules and regulations. Be on guard!

However, Pluto says I won’t let that happen at any cost!

A new paradigm is waiting for you! Are you ready to let go of old patterns and worn-out ideas? 

When speaking about antidotes, we also need to understand how we can protect ourselves from all the devices we use, the frequency of cell phones, cell towers, smart meters etc.

The Vedic Astrology Discount offer for sessions will continue during the month of May which is $108 dollars, instead of $150. I know many of you need the extra support at this time.

For the month of May, I would also like to offer you a discount on the Kavach/ Yantra Amulet that we make up based on your individual birth chart. This is a perfect personalized protection to help balance your energy. Please use the Discount Code Yantra18 to enjoy an 18% discount for this personalized pendant in either gold or silver.

There are many electrical frequencies around you with cell phones, cell towers, the dreaded 5g, smart meters and so forth. The Yantra is your own personal lightning rod to help keep you grounded! 

Take care & I look forward to breathing easier in the months to come.

Many Blessings,



John R. Fyfe 

(519) 803-4145

Email: john_r_fyfe@yahoo.com

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