Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Will there be a bright Light Coming for April?

As April begins, we have Jupiter and Pluto in conjunction with each other which is a very powerful aspect.

It may very well be the most powerful aspect of this time period!

The energy of this transit is a potential breakthrough and can drastically reduce the pandemic as well as create more favourable conditions for the disclosure of many things that have been hidden.

Jupiter and Pluto together have the potential to create a huge expansion for humanity and this transit will remain until July before returning once again in October and November of this year.

Presently, we are experiencing the volatile aspect of Mars and Saturn (again in conjunction) but thankfully Mars moves away from this strong conflict with Saturn on April 3rd.  

Mars is often reactionary (mainstream media and the people in general), while Saturn is about control and regulations (the government). Saturn and Mars together have definite opposing energies

At this time, with Jupiter and Pluto also in exact conjunction with each other, indications are favourable that some type of alleviation may take place from the 4rth/5th of April. However, this might be more clearly seen by April 15th which is when the Sun in the Sidereal system enters its exaltation sign of Aries.

Because this worldwide pandemic crisis has seen almost 8 billion people contained and shut down, This pandemic will not simply disappear.

As well, with April arriving, Venus will also help bring in more support and harmony as it enters its own sign of Taurus, something we truly require. Perhaps, some abundance will be paid out to people who are unable to work and earn.

It has been said from most astrologers for years now, that when Pluto and Saturn came into their conjunction, a world crisis would occur.

These two planets have not wasted much time bringing this forth. The pandemic will not be the major crisis but the precursor to what is to follow.

Will it be an economic crisis that will unfold from the world in a shutdown?

Will more rules and regulations come in containing if not strangling the people?

Will there be a great upheaval that will bring in a reset in which we so dearly need?

All these scenarios may very well occur. for Pluto and Saturn have not finished their dance together.

Saturn has moved away from its exact conjunction with Pluto but it when it goes into retrograde in early May, it will slowly creep back towards Pluto by the fall/autumn.

 It doesn’t necessarily mean that the exact scenario will occur once again during that time.

However, it most certainly indicates that we are not done with this shift which is presently taking place; the old paradigm will keep getting dismantled while the new paradigm continues to unfold.

What are we do with this?

Do we even understand what a new paradigm shift can imply to us all?

This is a truly unique time for change but in order for that to be a positive and enhancing one, we need to remove the rose-coloured glasses and not believe everything that is being said and hyped in the mainstream media.

Time to let go of fear.

Time to take your own power.

Time to unite with each other in a loving way.

Time to look at the bigger picture with all the things in our lives.

This is a crucial period in our lives and perhaps a truly important time to look into your personal chart to see what the planets in transit are indicating for you; when favourable periods will be entering your life.

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In the meantime, keep well, remain calm and be supportive of all your friends, family and neighbours!


Many Blessings,


John R. Fyfe 

(519) 803-4145

Email: john_r_fyfe@yahoo.com


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