Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Reset time in September

September is going to slowly but surely reset our energy field gradually alleviating the onslaught of many challenges which we have been experiencing from the planets in transit during these last five months.

Mercury finally gets untracked as it goes into its direct motion moving at 2 degrees a day which will bring more flow. No more mix-ups!

Mars is now officially out of its long two-month retrograde, but it will be a few more weeks to get moving and pull away from Rahu, the shadowy ecliptic point. This intense conjunction has been disruptive, to say the least, and has been on us since June.

Mars in its power signifies assertiveness, persistence, strength, energy and courage. When it is afflicted it loses strength as the Mars energy then leans towards tiredness, fear, reaction, anger and feelings of hopelessness. Mars also signifies fires and in the last two months many parts of the world sadly have been experiencing forest fires to such a degree it is unbelievable.

We still have an intensity around us due to the inner planets being wedged in between the ecliptic points, Rahu and Ketu. This “wedge” is called a Kali Sarpa yoga which brings an extremity with our emotions as well as having strong reactions to situations that cross our path. However, that is nothing new from what we have been undergoing these last many months and so we only need to be patient and with more positive movement from the planets in September, we can certainly say we are coming into the homestretch of the racetrack!

On September the 8th, Saturn completes its long four months of retrograde and with that, the rigidity you have most likely come across with people as well as feeling that moving forward has been blocked will alleviate. With many, it has felt like it has been a long trail where you have been walking through the mud!

Saturn signifies control, obtuseness, restriction, rigidity, lethargy and depression whereas the higher side of Saturn signifies structure, organization, working on your plans and finally making a completion. As well, Saturn signifies wisdom learned from the hard knocks that you underwent to make you a better person!

In September Venus will enter its own sign of Libra which is a harmonious connection and isn’t that about time, to have more harmony floating around!

Jupiter will soon be changing signs after occupying the sign of Libra for the last year as it enters the sign of Scorpio which is more of a compatible sign for Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet that that brings expansion (the opposite of Saturn) and Jupiter in this sign will indeed be positive for Scorpio ascendants as well as many other signs. Find out where Jupiter is going to be for you the next year. Is it in your house of abundance or is it in the house of Career?

Perhaps it moves into your 7th house, the house of partnerships, relationships and foreign lands.

Make an appointment to find out what's in store.

Looking forward to seeing what the stars have in mind for you ~





Photo credits Matthew Henry of Burst 


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