Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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October a Story of moving forward

The Full Moon arrived this past week as it brings us into October and much finally opens for us!

With the Full Moon came the crossover from Mars as it finally broke out of the wedge where all the inner planets have been trapped (for two months) between the ecliptic points.
This alleviates the pressure cooker that Mars, as well as the many retrograde planets, have inflicted upon us this summer which will now bring in more balance and hope.

The past four months have brought a general disconnect with people bringing in misunderstandings, conflicts and hurt feelings which have been greatly exaggerated. However, it has brought much to the forefront giving all of us an opportunity to review certain aspects of our lives as well as our connections with people.

The Full Moon at the end of the September is what we call the Harvest Moon and arrived just after the equinox where now the days on the western side of the hemisphere become noticeably shorter.

Enjoy this full moon energy and embrace October and autumn before that door gets closed and winter arrives!

October will have more flow as the planets that were in retrograde get moving in their direct motion. Time to take a deep breath, to reset and refocus.

However, (yes there is always a however!) in October, we do have Venus going into retrograde, as it changes "hands" with Mars who was in a square position (90-degree angle) to Uranus and now Venus goes into opposition with Uranus.

This will be an interesting transit as Uranus and Mars square activated much in an electrical reactive way. Uranus signifies all things electrical and also signifies change. Mars is action and reaction, as well as fires and accidents and much, did get triggered with this transit.
Venus carries a different vibration as it is about passion and joy, though it can also signify obsessiveness, possessiveness and partying.

Venus in retrograde can put a damper with things that we enjoy as well as bring some challenges in our relationships, but because it’s in its natural sign of Libra, this may neutralize that somewhat.
Venus in opposition with Uranus can make its energy quite extreme so be careful where you place your passion: don't go overboard though it may be tempting!

In October, as seen in the Vedic chart, Jupiter, will enter the sign of Scorpio after spending the last year in Libra. Jupiter, the planet that signifies expansion and moving forward will do well for us in this sign, and that will be a boost for all of us, particularly for Scorpio ascendants.

Taurus natives may find a special relationship this year while Aquarians may have a door open for them in their work field.
Leos will be fortunate and have success in improving or selling their home while Capricorn ascendants may receive some more money with investments.

As always it is a great thing to know your ascendant sign!

As always it is a pleasure to guide you in navigating your journey ~
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