Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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The Two Sides of December

With December arriving onto the scene, we still have Mercury retrograde doing its thing!

During this time the traffic on the roads will become more intense as many drivers will have little regard for anybody else, for they must get there in a hurry tail-gaiting and cutting people off while at the same time on their phone! Unfortunately, during this time, they will likely find that you are hitting one traffic light after another and you won’t get there any quicker. Glitches with phones and computers will also continue to be wonky!

 The chaos and dysfunction in our society become more apparent when Mercury gets activated. Mercury is known to signify all forms of communications as well having the gift of the gab which can also mean for self-serving purposes. Mercury in retrograde will enhance not only chaos but also fabrications with the story-lines of people, even exposing outright lies!

Say hello to our narcissistic world!

In the world of Palmistry, we look to see if the Mercury finger (the pinkie) is leaning towards the Sun finger (ring finger) for this can indicate a person who will stretch the truth.

 When the Mercury finger is seen to be short, then this indicates a shy and introverted person which is another attribute of Mercury.

A long Mercury finger signifies someone who has great communication skills but if too long then it may indicate a person who is incessant chatterer.

Many fragmented lines beneath the pinkie/Mercury finger in the palm indicates a high-strung nervous system and the person is likely to have frenetic energy. However, a strong Mercury line not only promotes good communication with a person but also good health.

Just beneath the Mercury finger on the side of the hand is where our union lines are, indicating relationships and marriage. How many lines do you have going on there? Just remember that the uppermost line is the one you are in or the one that is coming!

On another planetary note, Venus is in its own sign of Libra and this will help bring in some harmony for December but again for the first week or so, like Mercury, you need to have patience and use some caution. 

This is because Venus is in opposition to Uranus and since Uranus is about abrupt changes and freedom, this will accelerate some extremities with Venus.

 You could start a wild relationship during this time or get into it with your other half! Or You could over-spend on something you don’t really need. Even a windfall of money can come your way! Pay attention to what comes in for you!

 When Mercury completes its retrograde next week on December the 6th, it will take another week for its wacky energy to balance out so be careful not to get too excited. Before Mercury goes direct it will hover around the ecliptic points for another week and will make for one more crazy week! Take note on what goes in your life these first ten days of December.

The New Moon will arrive on the 7th and so the timing is perfect just after mercury’s official retrograde. New Moon is about new beginnings and therefore letting go of the last months’ energy. A Fresh start!

The Full Moon comes in just near the Solstice on the 22nd and so expect some High energy during this time with more excitement and enthusiasm coming in and that is about time, don’t you think?

 For the first time in many years, we will have all the inner planets moving in direct motion during the Christmas period. So, during this holiday season, we will have more ease and time to be thankful for much that we have. 2018 has been quite a year!

Want to look a little deeper into what the two sides of December have in store for you?

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Many blessings 





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