Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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January 2019 Happy Re-Set Year!

There will be quite a bit of activity with the planets in transit beginning early 2019. 
Uranus will finally be leaving its long retrograde on January the 7th, and this happening will signify the first time in over a year where there are no planets are in retrograde.

This will open the door for much more flow and movement!

Like all planets in retrograde, Uranus as well has carried erratic energy and being the higher octave of Mercury, has undoubtedly brought about erratic energy which has kept us quite busy. We have felt unable to ever catch up with our day, experiencing glitches with electronics, plans keep on changing with people, and generally, we have experienced more of disconnection with many like never before.
At the same time, we will once again experience the energies of the eclipses which take place on January the 6th (a partial solar eclipse) and the 21st (full lunar eclipse).

As usual, eclipses can be emotional, but I believe that after the last year with the constant intensity from the planets in transit, that most of you will be just fine during this time.

However, eclipses can make us review a particular storyline that we’ve had going on in the last six months when the previous ones occurred. It can be subtle or not too subtle depending on your situation. A relationship issue can flare up if that was the case six months earlier or more simplistically, something that went missing six months ago can suddenly appear or a friend that you haven’t heard from reappears.

All in all, eclipses will bring about inner reflection and just a few days before that, we will have the Sun in Conjunction with Saturn which generally carries despondent energy. It is much like the Sun that is shining on a bright clear day becoming blanketed by dark clouds which have suddenly rolled in.

We can call it the Christmas, New Year hangover which occurs for many. The party is over and the time has once again arrived to go back to work and for all of us (in the Western hemisphere) time to get through the next three months of the cold, bleak winter.

I would suggest that you make your new year celebration and resolutions (that people often make do for January 1st) after the Moon eclipse takes place on the 21st of January. Usually, when ideas, plans, signed contracts or even relationships are made/formed in between eclipses, they will not work out the way you would wish.

I am calling 2019 the reset year specifically from the 21st of January.

Treat yourself well these next three weeks and don’t be too rigid. 

I was recently featured in Gary O'Toole's new Astrology Magazine about Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology. Click on the link if you'd like to read more, and there are many insightful articles written by other astrologers based on Vedic astrology that you might like as well.

As always the New Year is an excellent time to take stock and plan for a year of your dreams to come true. Book your appointment to plan your best 2019 ever.

Happy New Year & Enjoy what's to come!!




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