Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Will the Month of May open doors?

Just as May begins, we will be "enjoying" the aftermath effect of a Solar eclipse that has taken place just the day before, on April the 30th.

This will be followed by the Lunar eclipse on May the 16th.

The eclipse season is once again upon us!
After eclipses, doors usually open, so the countdown is just around the corner.
Eclipses can rehash a storyline that might have occurred with you during these last six months since the last time they appeared in December.
From this time, has anything changed in your life, broken down or perhaps left you feeling stuck?

Many have felt stuck energy for a long time and want to break the chains.
Do you feel optimistic about what's coming for you even in this 3D fake world?
We have also been trapped in a planetary wedge called a Kala Sarpa Yoga during these last six months, when the planets are between the ecliptic points, Rahu and Ketu. It would be like reading a clock with Rahu and Ketu at 12:00 and 6:00 and all planets between12:01 and 5:59.
This intense energy usually shifts after a few months.

When the wedge goes on for a longer period as it has this time, that folks is pressure for you and everyone!
A door may open for you sometime after May 16th and continue to remain open for months afterwards.

Unfortunately, the world as we know it seems to prefer being stuck in this wedge and will not easily change as more regulations come from government levels that border on insanity and get acted out in our society.
Is there anything else going on with the planets?
Of course!.
Once again, our friend Mercury is going retrograde officially beginning on May the 10th until June the 3rd.

Mercury's busy and erratic energy is already taking place.
Haven't you noticed?
So, May will be a rather hectic month, but sometimes, when change is needed, chaos first has to happen.
Do eclipses with a Mercury retrograde cause chaos?
Usually, but if not, at least some disruption will be there.

After two and a half years, Saturn has changed signs going into its powerful sign of Aquarius, which can lead us into more humanitarian energy.

Rahu and Ketu have also changed signs after 18 months and this will bring a energy shift. Rahu signifies the shadow, and in the sign of Aries may activate more friction in the world.

However, with us mere mortals, this energy can make you decide to take more action in your life, to have more purpose.

Venus and Jupiter in the sign of Pisces will help to save the day as these planets are most favourable in this sign.
The breakthrough from this wedge will give you an excellent opportunity to spring forward!
Although the celebration for Mother's Day in North America is next week, I wish to honour all the mothers out there and the moms who have cared for their pets! Also, a special Happy Mother's day wishes to Jackie St.Louis.

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