Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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April 2019 Stargazer Forecast

April arrives just as Mercury retrograde finally comes to a halt... what a crazy hectic month that was!

Is April going to be kinder to us?

Well, it won’t be quite as chaotic but unfortunately, there will be other planetary energies at work which will have a strong say in our energy field!
By now, I'm sure you're not surprised!

Saturn has been getting closer to its conjunction with Rahu and Ketu, the ecliptic points and that doesn’t fare well for flexibility with people.

The nature of Saturn can amplify its effects which will make people more obtuse than ever and as well, Saturn in this aspect can bring out feelings of pessimism and lethargy. You just don't seem to have that get up and go.

 Saturn is also getting close to its conjunction with Pluto and this combination can be volatile. Revolutionary energy is in the air under this influence! 

However, Saturn will move away from this point in early May when it goes retrograde thereby alleviating this intense energy. This is only a precursor as later in the year Saturn and Pluto will once again connect with this conjunction which will last for a much longer time going into 2020!
Look at the storylines that take place for you this month, with events in the world or just with your own energy field. 
The Pluto/Saturn conjunction can certainly escalate one's temperament, impatience and control issues with people.
Jupiter will begin its four-month retrograde on April the 11th which may put your projects on hold but this might not be a negative situation.
Though you may feel frustrated that things are on the back burner, fruition to your long-term plans may very well take place from August onward...when Jupiter goes direct.
Jupiter is presently on the edge of two signs, Scorpio and Sagittarius.
This can make you feel you are living in two worlds, one realm caught in the intensity of Scorpio, the other reaching out to the more expansive energy of Sagittarius. 
This may leave you wondering about who you are as you view the two sides of the coin within yourself making you wonder what exactly is your place in the world, a world which is making less sense each day.  

With Jupiter in its retrograde and Saturn in its present alignment, a month away from its own retrograde, patience. Non-reaction is the mantra!

However, you need not be passive, only more detached to some degree. 

Although Mercury is now out of retrograde, it will take a few more days to get moving at its normal direct motion and with that, there will be a clearing in the air...there will be more flow.
Maybe you already feel some pressure has alleviated?
We aren't out of the Mercurial woods just yet!
Mercury will enter its fallen sign on April 12th going into the erratic
sign of Pisces.
This will make the 2nd half of April quite wonky once again but hey, we’re used to that wouldn’t you say?

Is there any good news in the April forecast?

Yes, there is!

Venus will enter its’ exalted sign of Pisces in mid-April which will help bring your enthusiasm back. Venus signifies joy and happiness!

Of course, when dealing with difficult planetary transits and our life situations, it's all about raising our perception which helps us immensely, realizing that our cup is half full rather than half empty!
Yes, Saturn with Pluto will likely accelerate some restrictions with people around you, perhaps control issues and power struggles which will likely trigger some unacceptance of the status quo.
However, in the last couple of years, with the planets in transit hitting us in a fairly big way, we've already experienced an onslaught of this type of energy. We are becoming more aware not to buy into the storyline, either with people we know or in the world at large!   

We are to remain flexible no matter how unfair the actions of people seem to be. Venus in Pisces can help! Venus says lighten up and enjoy the ride! 

These are special times to navigate and if you are looking for more information as it relates to your own natal chart, please book a session with me to review your personal charts if needed. 

I remain, your Stargazing Guide ~



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