Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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The Ides of March

Astrology Ides of March March 2019 Forecast Stargazers

As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb or vice versa.

What goes on with the planets in transit for March?

To begin with, March arrives with Mercury about to go into retrograde which officially begins on the 6th, but a week to ten days before Mercury begins its erratic orbit as hectic energy has already begun. Have you not noticed?

Also, Mercury is in its fallen/debilitation sign of Pisces which adds to erratic-ness and for most of this month, it will be aspected by the north node, Rahu, making this Mercury retrograde a triple whammy!

March will certainly come in like a lion but perhaps more like a lion on speed!

March will not only be a hectic month but also a confusing one due to Jupiter edging out of the intense sign of Scorpio into its own sign of Sagittarius. I say edgy because Jupiter remains on the perimeter of these two signs as it will soon go into its retrograde and thereby going back into Scorpio during it's retrograde which will be for several months. This indicates two different types of energies floating around you that will bring about changeability with your thoughts, feelings and plans.

Unfortunately, it seems people are becoming more rigid with their viewpoints and their stance is becoming ever more obtuse as Saturn gets near to Pluto, a rather intense world-wide transit

However, Pluto and Saturn in conjunction can certainly signify revolutionary energy and this will be a precursor for what occurs at the end of 2019 and into 2020 when this alignment fully kicks in.

In March, with the intensity occurring with Saturn getting closer to Pluto and with Mercury in retrograde in the sign of Pisces, aspected by Rahu and as well as Jupiter on the edge of two signs, makes for a most chaotic month.

The politically correct and the social media will be screaming and yelling their viewpoints more hysterically than ever while other people not on their bandwagon will continue to keep pulling away realizing more than ever that they no longer want to be told how to think and behave, that they have other viewpoints which are not the same. This is the revolutionary energy caused by the Saturn Pluto transit.

Jupiter bordering around two signs can make you feel on the edge of two worlds while Mercury in its triple whammy besides being busy, may make you feel anxious and nervous. Mercury is connected to the neck and shoulders and as you take on all the tension there may be tightness building there. Understatement!

There have been few clear sunny blue-sky days in these last months with cloudy days becoming the norm. The clouds are largely due to the Chemtrails that are being sprayed in our sky and the toxicity fall-out is certainly one of the causes for this ongoing flu that seemingly lingers on, enhancing what is becoming known as the “chemtrail cough” a hacking bronchial cough that so many can’t seem to get rid of.

Mercury is associated with our chest, lungs and bronchial tubes and this month, weakness in these areas can escalate. It’s always a great idea to wear a yantra (an amulet that has the sacred numbers of planets). You can contact me for more information about this.

We also will have the new Moon coming in on the 6th of March, the same day that Mercury retrogrades. While Mercury signifies the functional, analytical mind, the Moon signifies our emotions as well as our immune system.

The days leading up to the new Moon can make us feel tired bringing low energy but with the new Moon entering, we then slowly but surely get a resurgence of strength.

For most everyone who is fed up with the ongoing intense weather conditions this winter, keep the faith that this new moon may very well bring in a change with the weather.

Lets us all hope that these ongoing winter storms and extreme cold which has been occurring in most places will soon alleviate!  Also remember this coming equinox will be a great time for a reset, to make plans of stepping out of your box!

Enjoy this transition into Spring through the Ides of March ~ If you feel the need for your own reset, I am always here to guide you by looking into your personal Charts. Click here to Book Your Appointment.

Many blessings





Photo Credit : Nicole De Khors  

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