Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Putting Your Feet on the Ground in October

Astrology get grounded october forecast

 What’s in store for October?

We will finally have Saturn breaking away from its intense five-month alignment with the ecliptic points. 

With that happening, will you become more flexible with this breakthrough?

 Or has Saturn in its alignment with Ketu/Rahu made you more rigid and set in your ways?  

Have you seen this type of energy with many people around you?

Saturn signifies restrictions, control and obtuse behaviour. It's my way or the highway! But Saturn is also structure, organizations, focus and wisdom. There are two sides to the coin! It's all about our perception!

October gives us an opportunity for a reset which is very much what we need before the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn comes for us in 2020 which will bring significant changes to us and with happenings worldwide.

Therefore, beginning in October until the end of the year could very well be the most important time for us to reclaim who we are.

During October, Venus will bring in more passion as it moves into the sign of Libra for it resonates extremely well in this sign.

Venus signifies balance, harmony, love and enthusiasm for life.

Venus says, “let’s give peace a chance!” At least it might be inner peace!

This month is a time to not only balance your emotions but also gives us an opportunity to cut the chains to old patterns and make a change which will allow you step out of the box which you might have been feeling you have.

For many, the rose-coloured glasses have been removed.

Also, on October the 3rd Pluto leaves its long retrograde which brings most of the planets into direct motion. There are still two outer planets in retrograde, Neptune and Uranus but it’s a far cry from the summer when we had 5 to 6 planets in retrograde!

Life may feel quite busy and even hectic on October the 7th when Mercury becomes opposite Uranus, Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury. These two electrical energies might make you feel like a top spinning out of control and you may feel like Mercury is in retrograde and you all know by now what that means!

 This will be in effect a few days before and after the 7th.

On October 13 we shall have the full Moon occurring and so the first two weeks of October will build energy for you.

A new Moon then happens at the end of October, on the 28th and this can guide you to make that reset which you may have been thinking about this month. Be clear about those decisions as they may temporarily go awry when Mercury once again goes into retrograde the first week in November!

Now is the time to reorganize your plans and don’t make those plans bigger than you should. The times ‘they are a-changing.’

If you'd like to book an appointment for a personal look into your charts, I'd be glad to support you, and help you get grounded for the Fall Season.

Many Blessings,





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