Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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The Upside-down World of November

By now most of us are familiar with the transit of Mercury in retrograde and yes, it is upon us once again!

About ten days before Mercury goes retrograde, it begins to slow down its orbital speed and everything begins to feel out of whack. It’s my impression that the erratic chaotic energy of Mercury at that time is even more amplified than when it goes retrograde!

How has it gone for you in the last 2 weeks?

Have you felt overwhelmed by situations?

Do you get the feeling that you can never catch up with what you need to do each day?

Do you feel at times that there is sabotage around you?

I feel that Mercury in retrograde amplifies the dysfunction that is already going on in our world, whether it be the chaos with the ongoing construction zones in our cities or the madness regarding the political situations that seldom resolve anything and only flare up the two-sided bickering amongst people

How you feel affected by the planetary transits is all relative to where you are at.

If you don’t have to drive into the city every day and happen to be living in the countryside you may feel less bothered…even though I am sure you will arrive at some construction zone somewhere! I even noticed that a walking/bike path had detour signs blocking you from entering it!

With a Mars transit such as we are having, do we need to overreact with anger and attack or can we walk away from those triggers. Driving in the city each day may trigger the anger while having a walk in the county probably won’t…

Mercury officially goes into retrograde on the 1st of November, just a few days after the new Moon in late October occurred.

The first week of November will also bring in the intense transit of Mars in a square with Saturn and then Pluto. Squares occur when planets are within 90% of each other and are always known to be challenging.

Mars squaring Saturn and Pluto can make people more aggressive, reactionary even volatile! 

This compounded with the mix-ups that Mercury in retrograde may cause more misunderstandings and possible fighting energy.

So, be careful not to over-react to situations that may occur around you!

On November 5th, Jupiter finally leaves the intense sign of Scorpio (having spent a year in this sign) as it enters its favourable sign of Sagittarius and will be there for most of 2020.

Jupiter in its own sign will us help move forward no matter what seems to be going on around you in this upside-down world. Flow and positivity comes with this

Meanwhile, Venus and the Sun will enter the sign of Scorpio this month and so this will continue to keep us emotionally intense. 

The New moon which has recently occurred will lead us to the full Moon on November the 11th making the first two weeks of November quite dynamic!

Let's step out of the upside-down world and allow these planetary energies to bring in positivity where Mars becomes assertive, not angry, Pluto transforms you rather than upsets you, Saturn directs you rather than commands you and Mercury helps connect you rather than disconnect you!

If you'd like to book an appointment for a personal look into your charts, I'd be glad to support you, and help you get grounded for the Fall Season.

Many Blessings,





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