Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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What’s in Store for February 2019?

Now that the January eclipses have passed, February is the time for a reset; we can start breathing again!

Yes, Jupiter and Venus have been in conjunction in the last week and although these planets signify expansion and harmony, the conjunction is still seen as a planetary war between these two planetary energies as each one likes to rule the roost over the other. This can scatter our energies about finding our inner balance. Whenever any planet hovers close another, there will be some sort of battle which will go on!

February is the month that the Chinese New Year begins, the year of the Pig replacing the hard-working year of the Dog.

The change of light occurs on February the 2nd and in the western hemisphere, the Sun’s light becomes stronger from this day on.

In February we will have no planets in retrograde motion whereas last year in 2018, we had an onslaught of one planet after another in retrograde, often during the same time. This will open the door for more fluidity so make use of it this month!

In mid-February, around Valentine's day, we will have Mars and Uranus in conjunction with each other and this shall make for an interesting week for us. Mars has a fiery disposition and Uranus is always about bringing out some surprising changes and as both planets are in the sign of Aries, this will not keep their energies quiet!

Together they might very well enhance more of a self-serving need with people but nothing new on that count as this is what we have seen with so many in the last year or so.

On the political front, you may witness more stubbornness from the powers that be which will challenge what the people in the mainstream wants.

Then straight after the 15th, Venus will conjunct Saturn for a week which will restrict the enthusiasm that Mars and Uranus brought in and I suppose that may be when the winter doldrums kick in with many of you.

Fear not, this transit lasts for only for a week but then Venus will conjunct Pluto which may trigger some wildness in you as you may be itching to get out of the box from whatever it is you have been doing during the long winter.

However, caution is advised from acting too wild, because Mercury will once again be getting ready for its retrograde in early March adding to the erratic energy which you may have experienced when Venus was aligned with Pluto.

 All in all, the first part of February is there to help move us forward and regain some balance after the January eclipses and so even when these transits occur during the last two weeks of February, they may not affect us too harshly.

We are always going to have transits which may challenge us no matter how good a forecast is sounding, just like sunny days don’t last forever… even in the tropics! However, it’s always good to know when cloudy days come in as well as sudden thunderstorms so we have a better way to prepare.

It is certainly worth mentioning the Chinese New Year, the year of the Pig which begins when the New Moon occurs on February the 5th.

The Pig year signifies the end of the 12-year animal cycle, indicating that 2019 is an important time to review what has taken place for you in those past years as you get ready to start the new cycle in 2020.

The Pig desires to have more happiness and will make it a prerequisite obtaining this during 2019, especially after the hard year of the dog in 2018. The year of the dog gave most of us great difficulties in many areas of our life whether it be career orientated or in love.

The year of the Pig will be a year to let go of people who drain your energy even if those who are close to you. It is essential during the year of the Pig that you create an environment which allows you to flourish, prosper and bring more happiness into your life.

Are you searching for more specific answers? This is a great time of year to look at what the upcoming time period will bring ~ If you would like to look more deeply into yur own charts, I would be glad to assist you. Please click here to book a reading. 

Happy 2019!

Many Blessings, Happy New Year & Easy transitions ~





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