Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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July Eclipses with Planets in Retrograde

I have been relatively quiet with my posts during the month of June absorbing much that has been occurring with the planets in transit as their energy hasn’t been all that calm.

Mars in the exalted sign of Capricorn gave me the perseverance to complete one of my books that I have been working on, but patience wasn’t my best virtue this month!

 Mars is now entering its retrograde and because of this, it will remain in Capricorn as well and therefore keeping in proximity to Ketu, the moon’s south node.

With this transit, you can expect fire and turbulence to keep lingering around us for this month as there will be other planetary energies at work as well.

What more could there be?

 We will have the first of three eclipses enhancing the fun and games with a partial solar eclipse occurring on July 13th, and then on the 27th a full lunar eclipse will happen followed by another partial solar eclipse on August the 9th.

Normally we have two eclipses, but we are not in normal times!

Mercury will also be entertaining this month when it begins its retrograde towards the end of July, but things heat up beforehand because this week Mercury passes by Rahu the North Node of the Moon and with that comes chaotic and erratic energy.  

The Mercury and Rahu conjunction often brings coyote medicine into your life and coyote is the trickster and can make everything go back to front. The trickster can be playful and at other times cruel so be careful this week and expect the unexpected. Thankfully, this will only last a week…but then on July 26th, Mercury will go into its retrograde and bring back the chaos!

Presently, we have five planets in retrograde, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune and Pluto and that alignment has been largely responsible for the intensity that many people are experiencing in their lives.

Thankfully, Jupiter will go into direct motion on July 10th after four months in retrograde and that will be something to look forward to!

Jupiter will bring in more flow and help release the stagnant energy which many of us have been experiencing these last many months. However, this may still take a bit of time to “kick in”, perhaps when the eclipses pass, and when Mercury finishes its retrograde in mid-August.

 Eclipses can open or close a storyline, something you might have experienced six months ago when they last occurred. This might force you to look at a certain situation in your life, something you may have thought was completed.

Because the planets have amplified their energies these last six years which has affected us in a large way to wake us up, it does seem likely this will continue until we get it. We must figure out what that is…if you haven’t already!

The build-up to the full moon which occurred on Friday caused a lot of tension because of its conjunction with Pluto and Saturn and this weekend the moon has been in conjunction with Mars and Ketu causing at the very least emotional disturbances, but this is only a precursor to what’s ahead for this month!

The planetary energies will always cause more chaos in a chaotic environment such as in the cities and areas nearby and we will be affected more so in these areas.

How the planets in transit affect us is different for each person though we certainly pick up on the collective energy that is occurring. 

Taking time and going to the country beside a lake certainly sounds mighty good especially if it is a smallish lake without motor boats!

What is going on in our own personal charts during this time is not only insightful but can help us keep things in perspective and keep us afloat with hope!

This is an excellent time to chart your way through these eclipses. You can make an appointment with me at your convenience.

Looking forward to guiding your destiny.



Photo credit Scott Murdoch for Burst 


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