Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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June’s Transit with Mars

This week we have been able to see many planets in the night sky that are in close proximity to each other.

The Full Moon aligned with Jupiter is always a positive conjunction and does its best to make our mood more harmonious, something we all could use these days.

However, the Moon changes signs in a matter of days and is now aligning with Saturn which is also noticeable. While Jupiter brings harmony to the Moon, Saturn, the planet known for restriction can do the opposite but then this transit only last for a day or two as Moon changes signs every two and half days.

Saturn takes two and half years to change signs!

That bright twinkling star which you see on the horizon is the evening star, Venus, who is most noticeable during this time of the year as the summer solstice approaches. Venus this week has been opposite Saturn which is not a happy position but thankfully like the Moon, it is soon moving away from this position.

They will then both cross in the opposition path of Pluto which can cause some fireworks as Moon can get emotionally wacky while Venus wants to cut out all restrictions and get out of the box, but this can be behavior that is too wild!

These events are coinciding with the Mars conjunction with the South Node, Ketu and this you need to be aware of my friends. Be aware of your reactions, any impatience as accidents could occur with this fighting energy. Mars and Ketu together can cause explosions of all types and already we are witnessing such events in the world with the volcano erupting in Hawaii.

This Mars/Ketu conjunction occurs once a year and often things flare up during that time. The twin towers exploded when this transit occurred in 2001!

Mars has been in its exalted sign of Capricorn giving more enforcement to the nature of this planet and this is what has been going on with people lately…reactions!

Unfortunately, there may be more to come as Mars goes into retrograde by the end of June. The complication of Mars in this retrograde is that it will continue to hover around Ketu throughout the summer and this indeed will be one hot summer!

Mercury is finally moving in its normal motion at 2 degrees a day but once again it will cross over the Sun and be in complete conjunction with it on June 5th, 6th, and 7th. Mercury will then be in the state of combustion (burnt by the Sun) and with that happening, will come erratic and nervous energy which is something we are certainly getting used to these days!

Jupiter and Saturn are still in their retrograde inhibiting an easy flow to life in general and as well, Pluto has begun its retrograde and these retrograde planets will be joined shortly with Neptune and then Mars…a Molotov celestial cocktail!

 Planets can be powerful when in retrograde motion (as we have come to see with Mercury), but their power is usually erratic. You may presently be wanting to get moving with your ideas and plans (Jupiter energy) and yet the flow feels blocked as it has been for awhile. You may be feeling exasperated from the restriction of Saturn, but you must be cautious and utilize patience as plans may not work out the way you would like.

Jupiter has about six more weeks before it leaves its long retrograde (almost four months!) and goes into direct motion, but this is when the July and August eclipses occur, so it is most likely that its flow will only be noticeable from Mid August on.

 So, let’s not worry about things as it’s good to know how the planetary energies are playing out so that we can be aware and not owned by them at this level.

 Summer is upon us (at least in the western hemisphere) and this will certainly be a good time to take some time out and get away from the at times volatile and hectic energy field which will be much more evident in the congested city areas…time to get out and enjoy some quiet time in nature!

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I look forward to guiding you along the way ~


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