Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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June 2019 Stargazer Forecast

 It would be great if we could talk about some uplifting transits that are coming for us in June but sometimes, just like the weather we need to talk about the storm fronts that are in the air.

The forecast for June is that storms are on the horizon which may bring some big challenges for us and for the world!

Mars is now creeping close to the Saturn/Ketu alignment and which could be like a keg of gunpowder going off.

As we already discussed in May’s forecast, this Saturn/Ketu alignment is on us for quite a while (until mid-September) which at the very least brings in erratic Saturn energy. Saturn is about control and not being flexible making people more obtuse than ever, the mantra is “it’s my way or no way”, as they point the finger at others with a self-righteousness knowingness.

Interesting to see how in the U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May was thrown under the bus by everyone around her or was she caught in extreme obtuseness? Which side of the coin is it? That's for all of us to decide. For sure the Saturn/Ketu conjunction had a say in this event.

However, this alignment can force Saturn to swing the other way which can make many people feel quite lethargic, even paralyzed inside and certainly not hopeful. Many people are feeling to some point that their cup is not half full, it is half empty.

Many have expressed how they are getting tired of the political correctness in our world and do not want to be a part of it any longer.

Ketu’s aspect on Saturn brings in this two-sided coin, this split reality.  I wonder how you are experiencing this two-sided coin.

With Mars joining the affray as it soon becomes directly opposite Ketu and Saturn (from the 12th of June on), it will be like adding kerosene into the fire which will cause some form of a storm, whether it be internally or externally.

The tornadoes are already happening in parts of the U.S. and you can expect more havoc with the weather during this time as well as perhaps some volatile situations between the powers that be.  

In mid-June, Mercury decides to enter the picture as it gets into alignment with these planetary energies. This will certainly activate Mercurial significations as your nervous system may be on “red alert”, allergies may get triggered and the busy-ness in your life will get amplified as people will (which many are already) become like a top spinning out of control.

When Mars moves away from Saturn/ Ketu axis around the summer solstice, it then lands smack in the eye of another hurricane as it becomes opposite Pluto {for the last week of June).

Events in the past have shown tragic events have taken place with these types of transits and though this hopefully may not be the case, it certainly, at the very least indicates that aggressive and volatile energy is in the air. Watch your reactions and those from others and take extra caution when driving!

Pluto is known to be the atomic bomb yet also signifies rebirth and transformation after the storm hits. Mars energy can be violent and reactive but can also just make you more assertive. Saturn can be mean and vicious but on a higher level brings wisdom.

Unfortunately, in our world, most people are intelligent but very few are wise and that is a big difference. The challenge is to be able to stand your ground, talk your truth and not overreact. Use the wisdom of Saturn for it might be best to walk away from conflict during this time.

The new moon occurs on June the 3rd which is always a great time for a fresh start, to make new plans for this month, clearing out the closet of energies from the last 28 days.

We all have free choice and need not be brought into that web of lower energies for the higher vibrations of the planets are always around you!

In June, Venus will move into its favourable sign of Taurus and later in the month will be having a connection with Jupiter and these aspects will have an underlying current of positivity and harmony, perhaps somewhat offsetting the aggravations and volatility of Saturn Ketu and Mars.

Let's look forward to the shift in these energies to move through them favourably ~

Please take care of yourself, keep these planetary transits in mind and reach out to me if you would like a personalized reading to help guide the way.

Many blessings,




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