Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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If you still need a booster after being FULLY vaccinated, and still need to get tested after being Fully vaccinated, and still need to wear a mask after being Fully vaccinated, and still get hospitalized after being Fully vaccinated… it's probably time you admitted that you have been conned.

What is so alarming with people in our society is their outright refusal to hear anything outside their belief system, a belief system mind you that has been a brainwashing instilled program. The people believe their thoughts are theirs alone, but they are basically the thoughts derived from their school programming and parenting belief system. The program continues from the treacherous lying media, movies, the music and the list go on and on.

If the madness and cognitive dissonance wasn’t so well in place, it would be so easy to see how our world is inverted to the world of opposites and how evident the other side is sick, evil, and destructive. there is no changing it until the people themselves do. Regardless, the woke world is going to self destruct but will it be too late for our society? The goodness of family and family roots has been dismantling for the last thirty years. Hopefully it hasn’t reached a point of no return.





March - 2020 (I can’t believe we’re going back 3 years and this is still going on)

“Within a few weeks or even days, I knew there was something very wrong or off with the whole pandemic scenario and fake PCR tests (see link below-Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winner) https://truthinplainsight.com/kary-mullis-nobel-prize-winning-scientist-on-the-pcr-test/. I started to look into statistics of influenza deaths from previous years in the same time period in Canada and the US…they were higher…also in reading Charles Eisenstein’s essay called “The Coronation” he pointed out the millions of children worldwide who are dying of starvation every year…and so much more… None of this felt right…”

Spring - 2020

I went up my busy street after dark and wrote ‘WAKE UP!” on as many covid posters I could find - hoping not to get caught.”

Later - 2020

I found this well written information on the dangers, side effects and inefficacy of masks… I ordered 100 cards and some stickers from Vistaprint and started to distribute them at bus stops and bank entrances…the stickers were soon removed or scratched out…(link below)”

December - 2020

I hooked up with Druthers (www.Druthers.net) and started to distribute their very first issue - again in bank entrances, bus stops and on parked cars…did this for a few months…tried to educate my sleeping friends to no avail. 


Summer 2021

“I have refused to wear a mask from the beginning of the mandate going into stores - summer 2021…posted a photo of myself on Facebook with a beautiful scarf covering my face and was accused of mimicking Muslim women in many rather derogatory comments…so removed the photo…but kept wearing the scarf whenever absolutely needed…to buy food…”

Winter 2021

“It’s Easier in the winter wearing a neck warmer and just pulling it up under my nose whenever I got harassed and threatened in stores as has happened several times with employees sometimes running after me up and down the aisles while one other (so there are some good people out there) kept telling me to make sure to keep my scarf or neck warmer under my nose so I could breathe…other employees refused to serve me…”

“I wrote to the owner of one grocery store who had a sign asking for ‘face covering’ (not mask) but his employees insisted I wear a mask. He informed them that I was right and to leave me alone. Some did, some didn’t.”

AND NOW ~ WHERE THERE’S A WILL - THERE’S A WAY - The plight of the unvaxxed

“Our choices come with consequences but I would much prefer not being able to travel or sit in a warm restaurant on a cold winter day rather than risking my health with a jab that has produced so many devastating side effects and even death. These jabs continue to be given to the unsuspecting sleeping masses who have no idea what’s in the injection as they continue to wear masks, get sick from whatever the current virus of the day is and also believe in the latest jab totally uninformed about its content.”

“I have always been very creative and resourceful and if you shut one door in my face, I will find another one to open as I did in the months where the unvaccinated couldn’t enter restaurants. I was not going to spend another winter meeting friends on a cold park bench for coffee and found a few good people who were willing to look the other way and accepted my presence in their establishment although risking a substantial fine.” 

“I believe this is a battle of light and dark and our best defense is to stay in a lighter higher vibration while becoming selective sifters of all the information that is out there. I will continue to fight for my rights and my freedom. I wish for my children and grandchildren that they will wake up to what’s really going on someday very soon while there is still time…”

FREEDOM is for everyone — and so is FREEDOM OF CHOICE — we are all on our own path and it’s not easy to try and convince anyone of what we believe to be true when so much of the world is in ‘mass formation psychosis’ (see Mattias Desmet) https://peakprosperity.com/mattias-desmet-on-mass-formation/ and living in fear or ignorance — our planet is presently under siege and most people don’t even realize it. We need to stop watching mainstream media news and do our own research from reliable sources.

I'm hoping to have piqued your interest in this story, as there are some stories that I feel compelled to tell in the coming weeks.




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