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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Confederacy of Dunces

Story and Muse# 13

My story about the zeroes goes on and on and on as there are so many of these demons in positions of authority. Sadly, most (but not all) of humanity continues to bow down to them as seemingly they are under a mind-controlled program that makes them unable think for themselves.

This ignorance has once again created a great divide with humanity but this time the waking up must happen to save humanity. However, the hard truth is that you cannot tell a blind person to look up at the sky and see that the hurricane clouds are coming their way. He can never look at what you are seeing. Nor can you tell a deaf person not to believe what he is reading. We can yell at them day and night but what we are saying to them will never be heard. This is how it is with our society. Their only source of belief is from the television.

To clarify, when I use the word, he, it is not meant to be sexist, racist, or discriminatory. it is a word that is non-sexual when used in this context. Just like the word mankind is meant to be understood as all humans, male and female.

 Justin Turdeau, a zombie at the highest level, ridiculously corrected a woman in a town hall Q & A event in Canada when they were having their “woke” conversation about climate change and feminism. When discussing her view about the “maternal love” in this world regarding mankind, the idiot interrupted and instructed her to say that it would be better to use the word “people kind” instead of mankind. He wanted to show that he was an all-inclusive and non-racist person

We have a confederacy of dunces worldwide who oversee our governments, school boards, hospitals and corporations but these dunces have something else going on with them; they are pure evil. The police and the military are in another category. They are controlled robots who bully and beat up their fellow citizens without blinking an eye, yet by doing so, their robot minds can’t figure out they are destroying the freedoms for their own families.

But now, they are protecting and thereby enabling the transgender/drag queen groups who are regularly meeting in elementary schools and public libraries for reading time with children, even infants. They are not only dressed inappropriately but often enough are seen dancing and prancing around the room in a provocative fashion much like strippers in a nightclub. While doing so they are at times sucking on bananas or placing dildos beneath their scantily dressed attire. The police are protecting these freaks because their government officials are ordering them to do so with the backing of school boards. And all the while they are claiming to be protecting the freedoms and rights of a minority group who are being picked on. However, what they are really doing is allowing pornography to enter into the minds of children and infants. This type of sick grooming, if not stopped will pave the way for the legalization of pedophilia.

The global media are perhaps the greatest perpetrators in advocating human trafficking by choosing to ignore it. Because of their silence, they are allowing for the torture abuse and murder of their own people and children. There can be no pardon for any of these journalists. None.

From ActionCanada4.com

It has been reasonably pointed out, that the encouragement and facilitation of sex for under-age minors, the sexualization of our children, and making pornographic books available to them, is a form of grooming seen in cases of pedophilia.

There is a massive global campaign to re-brand and re-frame sexual predators, who are targeting women and children, as victims in need of sympathy. As a result, these sexual deviants have successfully infiltrated the education system and all levels of government and its time to call them out!

The global media are perhaps the greatest perpetrators in advocating human trafficking by choosing to ignore it. Because of their silence, they are accessories to the torture, sexual abuse and murder of children. There can be no pardon for any of these journalists. None.

Please watch this important documentary.


Rebel News report:

 “The City of Calgary and its out-of-control mayor, Jyoti Gondek, have drawn a line in the sand and doubled down on their unwavering support of "kid-friendly" drag events. 

It's an outrageous law prohibiting certain protests the city disagrees with within 100 meters of a recreational facility or library.

The punishment for breaking the bylaw includes thousands of dollars in fines and a year in jail.

Pastor Derek has been an extremely vocal protester against drag queen story hour events. In fact, he was recently arrested for protesting one such event two weeks ago in Calgary. 

In many ways, this law was passed because of the willingness of people like him to speak out. On Wednesday, Pastor Derek risked violating his bail conditions to protest the new law at Signal Hill Library

But police intercepted him and hauled him off to jail as soon as he arrived.”

Nothing new here folks. The same tyranny coming out of Calgary Alberta as it has been the case since Covid restrictions began back in 2020. That was when Jason Kenny and his goon police force arrested Pastor Pawlowski numerous times for standing up to their tyranny for continuing to feed the poor and give weekly services from his church. The fines amassed were over two hundred dollars which have been recently thrown after the courts couldn’t uphold such charges. As reported in my earlier stories, Pastor Pawlowski spent over two months in a maximum prison for defying these psychopaths. During his incarceration he was also placed in a dog cage a few hours each day, I guess just to show him who’s boss.

But now we have the same story going on with another pastor who had the “audacity” to protest the drag queen readings to children and infants. We now have another maniac coming after him, this time it’s the new mayor of Calgary.

Where these evil creatures come from is beyond comprehension, but they seem to breed just like cockroaches and so far, it isn’t so easy to get rid of them. I’m afraid we are going to need the exterminator to enter this household on earth.

 The “Honourable” Jyoti Gondek is not only a huge supporter of the drag Queen and transgender movement but is obviously a supporter of sexual abuse on children. This is monstrous for anyone to take this stance but for a government official to outwardly support such a movement and to then create a nazi-like law that will imprison anyone who protest these events to a one-year jail sentence. This is a Jyoti Gondek law and like so many other so-called politicians in Canada, they need to be jailed for the rest of their life. There are no longer any laws in Canada when narcissistic psychopathic individuals who have been placed in positions of power make their own laws.


Pedophilia is at an epidemic level in our society folks. In North America alone, there are one million children that go missing each year.  Yes, folks, outside our comfort zones inside our society, sex trafficking with children and infants on the outside is the number one interest throughout the world. It is that blatant because the elite now feel the people are that dumbed down and indifferent to most anything but their own self-absorbed interests.



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  • John Fyfe on

    Hi Beverly,
    I really appreciate that you read it & resonate with my story. I was thinking of contacting druthers & will keep you posted! Thanks again for your message, I am really looking forward to having further conversations,

  • Beverley Macdonald on

    Hello John
    Your message, as difficult as it is to conceive, is true and excellently written. Have you thought of sending any of your works to the Druthers newspaper, the Canadian ( and local) truth newsparer? druthers.net
    Im certain they would love this one. Thank you for writing it. You are spot on.
    Keep on doing your good work. Together we are gaining. Stay positive John.

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