Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Truckers united

Imagine how much better off we would be if they were all in nursing homes:

Anthony Fauci 84 years old, Klaus Schwabb 84, George Soros 94, Nancy Pelosi, 82, Joe Biden alias Pedo Pete, 80. You can also put Kill Gates in there for narcissistic Alzheimer’s has surely kicked in.

Alas they are still here and their intent is to destroy a society. How?

Own all the farm land, break down Christianity in the western hemisphere and make God a joke, poison the food, build oppression, make money worthless, have men and women compete, teach children to hate their ancestors, make dad’s optional, make art ugly, make politicians rich and demoralize the people, make porn free, get the children so confused they don’t know not what sex they are and finally…drum role please, injure and kill people from the kill shot vaccination. We are living in a world where humanity cannot see or will not see that the pandemic has been a horrific hoax.

It is like watching a car crash in slow motion where we have a huge number of witnesses who then later said they saw nothing. They can’t remember. They won’t remember. They insist to keep living in their make-believe world where the television tells them how to think and what to believe. Pathetic really.

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Like many people worldwide, most Canadians have acquiesced and behaved like blind cowards since the first plandemic lockdown occurred in the spring of 2020. But then the Canadian Truckers came onto the scene a year later with their unified action, many driving thousands of miles to Ottawa, Ontario, to confront the government at their parliament buildings for violating the human rights of the Canadian people.

The rally of over fifty thousand truckers not only brought Canadians together but awakened people worldwide. Millions of Canadians jumped on the freedom train waving on the truckers' convoy as they crossed thousands of miles on the trans-Canada highway. Thousands came out in frigid temperatures to offer their support. Such a massive wave of positive energy instilled hope for everyone who wasn't brain dead. They suddenly woke up after a two-year slumber from the lockdown mandated by the traitors who laughingly call themselves government. The draconian measures mandated by the Trudeau Nazi government prevented unvaccinated truckers from crossing the border to enter the USA. Because of these insane vaccine mandates, their livelihood had been taken away, which soon became the norm for unvaccinated Canadians at their workplace.

Approximately Seventy per cent of the truckers were vaccinated, which showed how much support was going on with the trucker's rally, many Canadians became unified in challenging the government's unjust policies. The government of Canada was and is responsible for Human rights violations to the highest degree. It is called crimes against Humanity, and most countries are guilty of the same.

The Liberal government and their cowardly leader Justin Trudeau took the restrictions even further. The trucker's rally/revolution exposed much about the removal of Canadian rights. Still, the treasonous mainstream media, who are nothing more than a government media forum, refused to report that a freedom rally was taking place. They exploited the truth and spewed their lies again; they had been paid over a billion dollars by the Trudeau government. The media then carried on a witch-hunt against the truckers and millions of Canadian supporters, labelling them all as traitors and terrorists, even parroting Trudeau's words as terrorists, racists, and misogynists. Sadly, too many of the robotic Canadians still watching the news began to believe them and go against their own people; It's a familiar story that keeps getting played out. The lying, traitorous media, and compliance from people in Canada are highly responsible for the gross violations of human rights that have taken place in Canada since 2020 and, most importantly, for the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands.

However, let's talk about what the trucker's rally did for many of us in Canada and worldwide. The movement brought us hope, realizing that togetherness, unity, and love for each other can never be taken away or destroyed. This is what the leaders and the minions doing the grunt work for the psychopaths can never understand. The human spirit can never be broken, especially when empowered with love. That's why the month-long love-in with the Canadian people had to be stopped at all costs. This energy was growing like wildfire, and Canadians were stepping out of their proverbial box after two long years of believing (or mostly believing) in the Covid hoax. I say hoax because we are certainly coming to see that these new mandates and restrictions are not about health and safety any longer, are they?


If even people (most of the population) don’t know that something is seriously wrong regarding the pandemic mandates and the vaccines, they know in their subconscious that they are being lied to. How can anyone feel happy when realizing you live in a world full of lies? I know that's how it is for myself and my like-minded friends.

Canada in February with the Truckers convoy was a true love-in, better than the love-in Woodstock, New York, had in the sixties. This freedom movement was more natural without the drugs.

The truckers parked their vehicles around the parliament buildings in Ottawa, but it wasn't a blockade; nobody was obstructed from going in and out of the buildings. This didn't matter to Trudeau and the mainstream media. Trudeau had decided to be away for a few days (he only went into hiding). Upon his "return", he conveniently contracted Covid (again) and couldn't be anywhere near the public nor have a parlay with the truckers. How convenient was that?

The rally in Ottawa continued as Canadians travelled to Ottawa every weekend after their work or school week finished and joined in the party. It’s been estimated that close to one million people had joined in during the weekend gatherings. This was with daily temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius, some days closer to minus 30. No matter, the people danced, sang, and celebrated with each other embracing their new friends like family. Children came with their parents’ bringing food and partaking in Barbeques. Some were playing road hockey. All of this was in the name of love and Freedom. Canadians had needed this wake-up injection for a very long time because what it was to be a Canadian at heart had been eroding away since Pierre Trudeau (The Jesuit father of Justin) and then Brian Mulroney held the reins in the 80s, all designed to destroy the beloved country of Canada. 

Everyone who has participated in the trucker's rally is a hero, from the ones who waved them on from the roadside to those who brought them food. Even those who rooted them on from home began to feel the wave of light. Hope and light were shared with anyone who "dared" to cross the line to become disobedient to their fascist government. People who were sceptical about what this rally was about became infected not by the virus of Covid but by the energy of truth and love!

Congratulations to the heroes in Canada!


I'm hoping to have piqued your interest in this story, as there are some stories that I feel compelled to tell in the coming weeks.




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