Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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My stories are aimed at directing us to learn about the hard truths regarding the mind control that humanity is under. What I write about is only the tip of the iceberg. However, the hardest truth in our world is the fact that child trafficking and the horrific abuse they are suffering at the hands of the pedophile ring is truly our pandemic. This has been going on for thousands of years.

This is not fiction people. Children are being sacrificed and butchered like cattle and they are often tortured beforehand; even the cattle die more easily.

The proof is quite evident if only we can take our fingers out of your eyes and ears and look at these hard truths.


An immortality serum obtained from the adrenal gland of living children after they have been terrorized to get the highest level of adrenaline. It has LSD-like qualities and is used in satanic rituals by Monarchies, Politicians, Congressmen, Celebrities, CEO’s and of course the elite.

STORY # 12                                                



Perhaps you have heard the word Wetiko before. It is what some American Indian clans describe as a mind virus, the selfishness sickness. The reason why it's described as a virus is because it's contagious. Not through tiny, invisible physical particles, but through the invisible information field all around us.

It keeps us disconnected from truth, from Spirit and from an authentic connection to each other and Creation itself.

Wetiko makes us mad, crazy, greedy, aggressive, self-centered, and destructive. 
Wetiko pretty much describes the world we have lived in. It's the selfishness part that made me realize something.

So how is it that everywhere in the world, we have corrupted, lying leaders and their minions parroting the same cruel mandates? How is it that corporations are following and policing the populace with the same fascist dictates, and how is it that the people/sheeple, by and large, are doing the same to the non-compliant?

In his stream of February on Iconic, David Icke gives a most interesting, if not accurate, answer to this puzzle. He talks about the hidden evil energy circulating as frequency, much like how a radio station sends its waves or frequency for you to listen to.

“We must protect democracy is the mantra, but that is far from the truth. We are defending freedom and democracy. To defend something, you need to have had it in the first place, and the truth is we’ve never had freedom and democracy. We’ve only had the illusion of it. If you do what the government wants, then you have freedom. You have freedom if you do what we tell you to do.”

Icke calls it the Wetiko energy that we are witnessing today in our society. Why do these people behave as they do? They behave as they do because they perceive as they do. How they see reality is not our reality at all. For them, it’s a state of consciousness, as it is for us, but here we have two thoughts of consciousness going on. What is this consciousness connecting this global network of evil? What makes Schwab, Trudeau, and Adhern in New Zealand, Boris Johnson in the UK, Newsom in California, and Dan Andrews in Australia the same?  What is it that makes this evil mentality universal? Is it just the Klaus Schwab school? It goes far beyond that; It’s the state of consciousness. The Schwab School is only placing this state of consciousness into power. 

Seeking from the hidden is the program; to manipulate human society and to control the human mind, thus controlling human behaviour.

The Cree nation call ‘Satan’ the Wetiko, which they describe as a mind virus which is precisely what we are dealing with as its frequency band connects all the people who are doing and perpetuating these horrors in the world. It's a mind virus connecting humanity to become the expression of "Watiko", and they have succeeded on a vast scale.

“Wetiko is an inversion of life, and so it enhances death. Presently our world has turned upside down. We are told that the covid lockdowns have been for the safety of humanity, but it is the opposite. All lies are manifested in Wetiko. It has no empathy, compassion, sense of morality, or justice. It is a frigid, icy heart devoid of mercy. This describes the agents and assets of the global cult. This describes Fauci, Gates, Schwab Trudeau, and all the others with now their administrators doing the same.”

 “We think nobody would dare lie to us by insisting that we have injections that will harm or kill us. But Wetiko consciousness does not think this way. It laughs at people that do and so injecting their shite into adults, and the smallest of children has no empathy on their side. They get off on it. This Wetiko is a band of frequency; every time we think and feel an emotion, we generate a frequency that relates to that emotion.”

 “This Wetiko band of frequency is founded on fear and low vibrational mental states. Another common theme across the ancient world is that humans are used for feeding this band of energy. This Watiko energy is a vampire and will feed off the lower emotions of humans, and because it operates on a particular band of energy related to fear, to vampire that energy is to pull humans' awareness into that lower band of frequency. So, fear is used not only as a means of control but also as a means to bring the population into that Watiko frequency so two things can happen. One, for the Watiko to feed off the lower band of frequency and two, to get humans to be absorbed or programmed into becoming the Watiko energy. It is why we see so many people becoming hostile, mean, angry, uncaring, and lacking empathy. Just look what we’ve done to our elderly and children, isolating the elderly inhumanely, terrifying the children and using them as guinea pigs.

I'm hoping to have piqued your interest in this story, as there are some stories that I feel compelled to tell in the coming weeks.




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