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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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If you still need a booster after being FULLY vaccinated, and still need to get tested after being Fully vaccinated, and still need to wear a mask after being Fully vaccinated, and still get hospitalized after being Fully vaccinated… it's probably time you admitted that you have been conned.

Simply doing some math is to understand that the vaccines must have been prepared for at least ten years. You need not go into conspiracy theories, for these are simple facts. You come to a figure of approximately six billion for the pharmaceuticals to produce three, four, and now five vaccines for a world population of eight billion, allowing for ten to 15 per cent not being jabbed. Multiply that by four, and that becomes 24 billion vaccines. There is no way possible that companies could produce such a quantity in such a short period. It would take ten years.

Also, to remember, the question is how is it they have a new vaccine when a new wave of viruses arrives? There has been no time for testing to evaluate the vaccine's safety when in the past, it has been mandated (I hate that word now) that all vaccines need to have a seven-year study to prove they are safe. Why is it we can't look at these points, never mind question them? Can we not understand that wearing a mask doesn't block out bacteria from viruses or colds? Virologists measure Covid-19 to be 80-140nm in size, making the weave of masks equivalent to a chain-link fence to block out mosquitoes. Why don't we trust the science about that? Are we that stupid of a society? Apparently so. However, I reckon there must be more to it than being brain dead; it's more like being brainwashed.



The Ethylene Oxide in masks and on PCR swabs, is in fact Graphene Oxide.

You can clearly see thousands of Graphene Hydroxide Specs when zoomed in under the Dark Field Microscope and the Graphene Hydroxide does indeed look just like razor blades. On December 10/2021, Dr. Noack blew the whistle with a video explaining how he found nano-razorblades called Graphene Hydroxide in the Pfizer “vaccine” serum. He warned us that these nano-razorblades are cutting up the inside lining of the blood vessels of the “vaccinated.” They destroy the heart, brain, and cardiovascular system. Dr. Noack said that any doctor who injects them with knowledge of this issue, is a murderer. Dr. Noack died only a few days after his report.

Dr. Young in an interview regarding his scientific article (As Trudeau says…trust the science!) stating that those people inoculated with CoV-19 are Not shedding proteins but are receiving and transmitting pulsating radio and microwave radiation linked to them from cell towers and satellite transmissions.

Dr. Young:

“This directed frequency and human connection from the cell towers and satellites creates quantum link to the biosensor graphene link to the biosensor graphene iron oxide material now contained in the brain, lungs heart muscles, fat, and reproductive organs. These poor souls have been inoculated with the Cov-19 so-called vaccine are now human cell towers receiving and transmitting radio and microwave from

their own body effecting their health and the health of anyone around them. Everyone who has been inoculated with CoV-19 so called vaccine are now linked to the “Internet of Things” and have received a specific identification number for contact tracing. This will continue with all who have been inoculated as long as they have the biosensor graphene-iron oxide particulates in their connective and fatty tissues, i.e., blood, the interstitial fluids, the intracellular fluids, the heart, the brain, the reproductive organs and the bone marrow.


Story #2


From Sydney Frizzard

No one likes to talk about death. Unfortunately, Sheila Annette Lewis a woman with a terminal illness is being denied a life-saving organ transplant because of her vaccination status is staring it right in the face.

Annette’s lawyers are requesting that the courts uphold her Charter-protected right to bodily autonomy and freedom to choose without coercion. But as it currently stands, she must submit to an experimental injection to receive her transplant.

This is happening here in Canada, a supposedly “free” country.

We all know the vaccine isn’t all that effective in the first place. And with the vaccine mandates dropping across the country, it is baffling that Annette is in this situation.

These life ending decisions are on the backs of Alberta’s health minister Jason Copping and the still in office premier Jason Kenny (he has since resigned). The bought off judge who ruled against Sheila Lewis’s team of lawyers who had appealed the decision made by the hospital is another case of the psychopaths we have in these key positions in our country. These two Jason’s in Alberta are not only murdering people through enforcing vaccines but outright preventing a person from a life saving operation. All in the name of health and safety.

The insanity becomes greater then ever when you hear that the public think Sheila Lewis is in the wrong and will get her just oats because of her stubbornness. Humanity is now crossing the line as it shows zero compassion for a fellow human being unless it is concerns them of course, or unless you agree with their programmed belief system. Who gives anyone the right to decide who lives and who dies? Are the medical institutions not about treating people and saving lives? Did doctors in the past treat patients who were infected with much more serious diseases such as scarlet fever, typhoid, polio, and numerous other contagious diseases?

To not save a life due to a personal choice of not being vaccinated for a virus that if it truly does exist is no worse than the flu. Is this not insane? Is this not worthy of outrage? Yet the mainstream media reports nothing of this and the population carry on with their lives in utter blindness.

For the record Sheila has stated that after much research in the last year, she doesn’t feel safe to take the vaccine especially after Johnson and Johnson had to remove theirs because of vaccine injuries that she had been reading about. “It’s an experimental injection and serious side-effects are occurring to people and it isn’t just a few. They say it takes seven years to know how safe and efficient a vaccine is. Based on the precariousness of my health, I do not think it wise at all for me to have a vaccine. Based on the Canada Health and protection act, I also do not need to disclose any reason except to accept or refuse and my choice is to be respected. But that isn’t the case now. There are so many others waiting for transplants who are under the same drastic requirements as I am and nobody is reporting it. I will not give out names or disclose much more so as our cases do not get thrown out due to who knows what they will use against you in court. This case is under a publication ban. Due to a Court Order, the Justice Centre many not reveal the name of the doctors, the hospital, the city where the transplant program is located, nor the name of the organ that Ms. Lewis needs for life-saving surgery.”

The transplant program team is a group of doctors who work within an organ transplant program, which is funded by Alberta Health Service (AHS). Both the transplant program and AHS have unwritten policies which require transplant candidates to receive the Covid vaccine prior to receiving their transplant.

Justice R.P.Belzil found that while the Charter applies to AHS, in this instance “the proposed AHS policy, which has not been completed mirrors the recommendations of the treating physicians which are exercising clinical judgment.” Justice Belzil declined to address the scientific and ethical arguments advanced because he determined that the Charter did not apply to the treating physicians. Article by Sydney Fizzard/Rebel news.

*Note* In November 2022 the appeal for Ms. Lewis has been denied. For support of this woman please go to www.savejoanie.ca


Can you believe what type of world we live in, ruled by genocidal maniacs who have infiltrated all levels of our country?

Nazi Quebec has similar stories where unvaccinated transplants are not permitted, just as is the case with Sheila Lewis. Joannie was eighth on the list for a lung transplant but has been told that she must be vaccinated if she wants to proceed with the procedure. She has been removed from the list because of her refusal. Again. It must be shouted out, who in this world has the right to decide who should live and die?

There is no normal in this new inverted world of ours. How can there be when decent values we lived for are now deemed immoral, and things we knew to be evil are applauded as good. The values we have lived for are now being called indecent. Sexual decadence is normal and healthy, while heterosexuality is not. White Christian people are evil, and all other ethnic races are good. Lying is good, but being direct and truthful is not. Teaching children under ten years about sex is the right thing to do and being a little white boy is awful because of the horrible things that were done by his ancestors. However, a little white boy wearing a dress may make some amends for his ancestors' "sordid" past.

Take the opposite of all the values you have been taught, and you find your new world, the inverted world of wokeism.

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  • John Fyfe on

    Thank you for your response Crystal, I was unable to reply earlier, as glitches ( you know, good old cyber stuff ) prevented me from doing so. All good now, I am continuing with my stories & look forward to your comments & feedback as I’d like to have open dialog about these things.

  • Crystal Thornton on

    I completely agree with you on this subject, it is very sad that our government is letting this happen and a part of this.

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