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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Hospital Hell

Muse #3 

Nine bloodline families, including the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderberg, the Royal Windsor families, and the Vatican, are pulling the puppet strings on all levels of government and corporation heads. They pull the strings on psychopathic narcissists such as Bill Gates, George Soros, the Biden family, the Clinton family, Buffet, Kissinger, Bloomberg and the new Nazi in town, Claus Schwab, with his evil gang at the WEF (World Economic Forum). These evil monsters control the countless other zeroes who have been given leadership positions in just about every facility of our so-called society.

 Yet even the Rockefeller/Rothschild clan are being handled. The true villains are an elite race not of this human bloodline. They are the Anunnaki who have controlled humanity for the last 450,000 years, but that's a story for another day. See my book, The World Full of Lies!

 I believe our present-day leaders are even more dangerous than the psychopathic dictators of before because most are under the MK-Ultra program and will serve their masters/handlers unconditionally. The psychopaths of yesteryear believed they were in control even though their handlers were always around. However, both energies have brought about absolute destruction, cruelty and death to mankind, which has been the norm for at least 12,000 years since the downfall of Atlantis. Yes, it's about time we get a "new normal".

The unity of people has once again become broken and divided and as the old adage goes, "to divide and conquer" is still mainly at work. However, this time, it's a global happening, which has never occurred before, but due to our electronic AI world, it has happened.

What is scary is the ruthless, outright insanity of so many of these so-called leaders and their minions coming from satanic, demonic energies. Their actual reality is a world of sexual deviance, drug use, and the sick practice of paedophilia; their perversity has no boundaries whatsoever.

The leaders of most nations are demonic MK-programmed monsters. Just to name a few, are Trudeau and Crysta Freeland of Canada, Rutte from the Netherlands, Andrews of Australia, the newly unelected Prime Minister of the UK Ritchie Sanook, Ahern in New Zealand, Macron of France, and the party girl from Finland, Sanna Marin (Insana!). At the top of the list is the actor Zelensky of Ukraine, another sexual pervert (it's all there for your own research) and cocaine addict who has been undoubtedly in cahoots with Hunter Biden in their sick world of fun and games.

Incredibly these MK-programmed monsters have been placed in leadership roles in all countries, most having no leadership experience or capable of it. These zeroes continuously lie and hide behind the protection of their security, the police force, the military and all the other minions who serve them. How sad that so many of these freaks are looked up to.

This dangerous generation has been trained in the Klaus Schwab school for young global leaders, the training ground for young global dictators. They have full reins to invoke the dictatorship, just like in China, and the media has been fully bought off to stand by them.

There will be no one in their way except for a small percentage of the population who will always resist. But they are seen to be of no consequence being called "a fringe minority", but the numbers are growing.

The mainstream media continues to spew their shite to the sheeple, gobbling it up as truth and remaining obedient and compliant as they always have.

These young global leaders, as they are called, have no integrity, empathy, or compassion as they carry on with their 2030 agenda: they have no soul. We might even think that most of these evil characters have been replaced and taken over by walk-ins or from cloning. We need to see they are different people. They may look the same and have the same voice, but that is where it ends for many of them.

This is food for thought. What if technology is so advanced that most of us don't realize or believe a human can be cloned and replaced.

Our heroes have continuously stood up against these tyrants fighting for the freedom of all Canadians, and now the wake-up call is happening with more people as they become aware of this woke madness. Through this awakening, they will also become heroes as the movement continues to grow. This must happen soon to break the tyranny, which will be a battle. However, the real battle is to wake the masses up from their deep hypnotic slumber. 

The general consciousness of humanity is at an all-time low due to the 5G and vaccination program, which is now turning people into robots.

Many will lose not only their minds but also their physical body. May the heroes continue to grow and bring peace and awareness to us all. May we all join in this battle against those who have declared war on us!

  In the last two years, we have witnessed outrageous crimes against human rights. Victimization has taken place but taking the roles of victims is not what is occurring. Our heroes are showing us the way by going against many in positions of authority who used the police and other controlling agents to do their dirty work, such as judges and security forces, as they enforce their militancy against us. The Heroes are standing up against these forces, and many on their own have done so. Now is the time to jump in and do our part. It's the only way to prevent the country from becoming a fascist state as it is quickly becoming. It's the only way to prevent all countries from becoming fascist states.

Volume two in this series will continue to expose the heroes and villains worldwide, for we have many heroes. Just reading this makes you one!

There will be references and inserts from my book The World Full of Lies which I had written before our Covid era began in 2020.

Druthers article

Story #3

When I went to Windsor Regional Hospital’s Ouellette campus on April 20, 2022, with a bleeding gash from an impact to my forehead, I knew I might be hassled for my mask exemption. But I did not expect to be harassed and assaulted by staff and police.

Emergency room refused to allow me past the entrance without a mask. They expected me to provide “an exemption,” as if exemption is some kind of physical token rather than an inherent status. They clarified—they wanted me to get permission to defend my exemption in the form of a doctor’s note.

Masking is a treatment as described in Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act (‘preventative’). To claim that a person needs a doctor’s permission to decline unwanted treatment is backward; doctors require our permission, we don’t require theirs. That’s why the Act states, “No treatment without consent.”

I made it clear that I simply cannot cover my face, and the details are between me and a doctor I trust.

Nurses called security. Citing “policy,” they responded to my exemption like incessantly hissing vipers. “You need treatment. Wear a mask and you can have treatment. Just wear a mask.” I told them a mask would harm me “no it won’t. Wear a mask. Just wear a mask” To my accompanying friend they said, “tell her to wear a mask. Get her to wear a mask and we’ll treat here.” This lasting harassment was flippant, disturbing, and dehumanizing.

My friend recorded audio of some of the abuse. Security physically pushed her out of the hospital, threatening her with criminal charges for “violating patient privacy.” Yet, she wasn’t recording patients. The hospital has many security cameras near the entrance and does not ask patient permission to record. If my friend was violating patient privacy, the hospital violates patient privacy every day.

I was left to defend myself alone as security guards and police surrounded me to intimidate, joining with nurses to form a group of about ten. The group ordered me to either wear a covering on my face or exit the hospital and seek treatment elsewhere.

I chose not to exit the hospital because I was certain that if I left the hospital, I would be denied by covid bigots anywhere I sought treatment. My right to receive treatment was in effect at all hospitals including this one. I stood my ground. A blonde police officer threatened that I would be arrested, taken to the police station, booked, and then taken right back to the hospital as per police policy because I was wounded, “and then you are going to wear a mask.” The officer was clearly threatening to suffocate me by force, strategically using general phrasing in a context of force, with the intent to absolve herself of issuing the threat on a technicality.

Many times, she forcefully repeated her threat, “You are going to be arrested and charged and then you are going to wear a mask.” I informed her every time that I was not going to wear a mask, because I cannot wear a mask. “Processing me will waste your time because we will just end up in this discussion again. So, what is the next step?”

Shortly thereafter, she aggressively handcuffed me and ordered me to exit through the doors.

I sat down on the floor. I was too tired to cooperate with this nonsense, and I would not validate attempts by police and hospital staff to violate my right to receive needed medical treatment.

With blood dripping into my left eye, I was carried from the emergency room in handcuffs for insisting I receive care. Because carrying me by my arms put most of my body weight onto my wrists, this injured me very painfully. The blonde officer belittled me for “acting like a child.”

I waited quite a while, surround by police and security, sitting on the ground with my mouth throat dry from stress. I was disallowed access to my water bottle.

I was then helped to my feet and introduced to a professionally-dressed man—Luke DiPaolo, the hospital’s director of Psychiatry. He asked me what had happened. I described events up to this point.

The blond officer removed my handcuffs. I held up my bright red, indented, inflamed wrists. “So, I have need for treatment,” I said, and yet you did this to me.”

She practically shouted in response, “We had to remove you! You were blocking the door!”

This was an absolute lie. I had been standing with my back to the wall the entire time. I was inside the emergency department. If anyone was blocking the door, it was the gang of police, nurses, and security. I never blocked anyone coming or going. I had no motive whatsoever to block people from seeking treatment. It was the police and security presence that would deter patients from entering, just as they were stopping me from entering.

I responded to the officer’s lie by informing everyone present that I had not blocked anyone’s way, and I had never even been accused of blocking the entrance until now.

“We didn’t have a chance to say anything to you!” lied the officer, “You kept going on and on citing laws!”

I had cited laws while giving others plenty of time to respond. I did not in any way prevent the officer from saying anything she may have wanted to say to me. I was detained under false allegations of trespassing because I insisted upon receiving rightful medical treatment while exempt from face coverings.

I replied that what the blonde officer said was not true and left it at that. I felt dreamy with relief that I would actually be treated.

I was left to re-enter the building unaccompanied, and when the entranceway nurses saw me, they again pushed a mask toward me and told me to wear it. Apparently, they thought that the altercation had broken me, and that I had been released and allowed treatment for agreeing to let them assault me further by covering my face. When I explained the true situation, they didn’t believe me.

I asked for tissues, because the blood from my wound was again dripping into my eye, and I was using my finger as an awning to divert the flow. The nurses refused to provide me with a tissue. I used their mask to sop up some blood and threw it in the bin beneath the small counter.

I had to escort a nurse to learn the truth from the blonde officer outside, and I had to listen to the nurses complain in hateful disgust while I completed the covid screening form.

Later in the waiting room, the emergency room’s manager, Kuljeet Kalsi, sat down to speak to me. He used the false pretense of caring about my wound as a point of entry for further attempts to badger me into covering my face and spent ten to twenty minutes “asking” me “politely” to cover my face. He did not let up when I told him how traumatizing the recent abuse had been.

Kalsi claimed that his reason for continuing to push masking on me was because people in his position care about patients.

Kalsi rushed me with phoney verbal acknowledgements when I was speaking. He focused solely on “asking” me to wear a mask, repeatedly “asking politely,” when it was nothing of the sort. It was pushy, uncaring, manipulative, and creepy. That he used a polite tone was blatant attempt to manipulate me to cover my face in shame. After everything that his emergency ward had just put me through, Kuljeet Kalsi’s badgering session was particularly inappropriate.

In the end, I received zero tickets and five stitches. I never wore a mask or shield because I cannot cover my face. Sorry police, nurses, security; sorry Kalsi and crew, I’m just not going to do it. I’ve never done it, and I never will, because I can’t. Sorry. The answer is no.

What I experienced was abuse, but it ended in victory. I proved my case by standing my ground and, although I was criminally harassed and assaulted by state employees in the process, I achieved my goal.

The fight isn’t done until the fight is won. Tyrannical abuses are now a tool in my hands. I have filed a report with Office of the Independent Police Review Director. I have submitted a report in writing to the patient advocate at Windsor Regional’s Ouelette Campus, Angela D’Alessandro, for this matter to be taken all the way to the top. Because criminal crimes were committed, I expect to also press criminal charges. I will take this as far as I can possibly can to achieve justice and repair the damage done by covid hysteria to our public services.

If you are inspired by my story, please remember it the next time you have an opportunity to

                                                                           “Just Say No"



Muse #3 continued

I am inspired by her story. However, Canada no longer has law or justice as is the case in most other countries.

The bought-off judges in Canada will justify that this woman's awful treatment was necessary due to health and safety measures and ignore the fact that she was mentally and physically abused and didn't receive immediate attention for her injury. What if she had suffered a gunshot wound and treatment was a matter of life or death? Would the hospital have been correct in preventing treatment because the victim refused a mask? 

We now have robotic humans in positions of authority. Sadly, this is also becoming the norm, with the nurses eagerly enforcing the dictates of the smug maniacs in charge. This is the real virus that has become contagious among humanity. We live in a lawless state where the only laws that apply are the ones that serve the tyrants. One law for thee and another for me. 

The justice system is totally corrupt. The judges and police serve their evil masters like the programmed robots that they are. As far as the nurses and the hospital workers go and the narcissistic Psychiatrist and the programmed administrator for Windsor Regional Ouelette Campus, they all should be imprisoned for life. I say this because these people have eagerly and cruelly participated in the genocide of our elderly in their home care residences and hospitals. Not only did the vaccinations and the ventilators they were put on speed up their death, but their suffering from loneliness for months and months up to their last days of life is beyond imagination. It is pure evil. Hopefully, nurses, home care workers and facilitators will one day be ashamed of their actions for the rest of their life; but I wouldn't count on it. They no longer have a soul. Little do they know they are selling their families and children down the river; little do they care. 

They are demoralizing all forms of society. To Demoralize means to give up. If you go deeper, demoralizing is about taking away morality. This is now happening in our inverted world.

Please go to the documentaries by Janet Ossebord, the Fall of the Cabal Part 23, titled Murder and Corruption in all hospitals. The entire series from Jane Ossebord is mind-boggling.


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