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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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From George Orwell’s 1984

"Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they rebelled, they cannot become conscious."

That he reflected, might almost have been a transcription from one of the party textbooks. The Party claimed, of course, to have liberated the proles from bondage. Before the Revolution, they had been hideously oppressed by the capitalists; they had been starved and flogged, women had been forced to work in the coal mines (women still did work in the coal mines, as a matter of fact), children had been sold to factories at the age of six. But simultaneously, true to the Principals of Doublethink, the Party taught that the proles were natural inferiors who must be kept in subjection, like animals, by the application of a few simple rules.

So long as they continued to work and breed, their other activities were without importance. Left to themselves, like cattle turned loose upon the plains of Argentina, they had reverted to a style of life that appeared to be natural to them, a sort of ancestral pattern. They were born, they grew up in the gutters, they went to work at twelve, they passed through a brief blossoming-period of beauty and sexual desire, they married at twenty, they were middle-aged at thirty, they died, for the most part, at sixty. Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbours, films, football, beer, and above all, gambling, filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult. A few agents of the Thought Police always moved among them, spreading false rumours and marking down and eliminating the few individuals who were judged capable of becoming dangerous; but no attempt was made to indoctrinate them with the ideology of the Party. It was not desirable that the proles should have strong political feelings. All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations. And even when they became discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty specific grievances. The larger evils invariably escaped their notice. The great majority of proles did not even have telescreens in their homes which kept Big Brother's eye constantly on your morning, day and night. Even the civil police interfered with them very little. There was a vast amount of criminality in London, a whole world-within-a-world of thieves, bandits, prostitutes, drug peddlers, and racketeers of every description; but since it all happened among the proles themselves, it was of no importance. In all questions of morals, they were allowed to follow their ancestral code. The sexual puritanism of the Party was not imposed upon them. Promiscuity went unpunished, divorce was permitted. For that matter, even religious worship would have been permitted if the proles had shown any sign of needing or wanting it. They were beneath suspicion. As the Party slogan put it: 'Proles and animals are free.'

We are talking about peaceful demonstrations that were violently broken up from orders by the “Honorable” John Tory.

We’re not talking about Antifa gang violence which occurred and was ignored. We are not talking about Black Lives Matter rallies in which many police officers including the chief of police treated them like royalty to the extent of bending the knee with them as they offered their support. John Tory permitted The Bengal Tigers terrorist group to march in downtown Toronto bearing their flags and promoting their violence.

John Tory ignored these happenings but continuously ordered the beatdown of Torontonians every weekend as they rallied for Human rights and the Freedom for people in Canada the world. Freedom of rights, freedom of choice and freedom to speak the truth.

John Tory squashed it down from the first moment the rallies began in 2020 and has continued to do so. If that wasn’t good enough, he issued warrants on the homeless as he ordered the police force to remove them from the vicinity they had been parked in and if any resistance occurred, they were to be beaten and arrested, which they were.


A Canadian mayor abruptly left his post Friday (February 10th, 2023) just one hour after a local newspaper exposed his affair with a staffer more than half his age.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, 68, admitted to having a relationship with a 31-year-old advisor and said he was stepping down so he could “take the time to reflect on my mistakes.” (You can be sure there will be no reflection as narcissists have no ability for that)

“I recognize that permitting this relationship to develop was a serious error in judgment on my part,” Tory said at a brief press conference. (The standard bullshit excuse comes flying out of their mouths, as usual)

“I think it is important as for the office of the mayor not to be in any way tarnished, and not to see the city government itself go through any type of prolonged controversy, arising out of this error of judgment on my part, especially in light of some of the challenges facing the city.” (Tory couldn’t care less about the challenges facing the city because he created them!)

These people in power just can’t control their lust for power, fame, and sex. It has been an ongoing theme worldwide which is now exposed in such way we could have never imagined.

Do you think Emily Hillstrom, the 31-year-old was sexually attracted to a man who is closing in on 70? What attracted her was his status and power and undoubtedly his narcissistic charm. This is how our 3D world works; Give me sex and pretend you’re into me and I will offer you power to rise from your “lowly position.”

Emily Hillstrom is now working at a 100,000 plus job at Sports Entertainment a affiliate of Rogers inc. which the Honorable John Tory and family are partners with earning himself hundreds of thousands on dollars. He will not be missing his job at city hall and the pittance of a salary which brought him some spending money (200,000 dollars), though he is very sorry…for being caught out.

John Tory is top level of the so-called elite bourgeois villains in Canada; there are so many you can’t log in all their names! As mayor, Tory like the devious, sly Patrick Brown (Mayor of Brampton) never stood for the citizens who elected him. In fact, he, like Brown (who we will get too in future blogs) took away the people’s freedom with his restrictive mandates which were seen to be the rulings of a tyrant. I’m amazed that this narcissistic individual wasn’t tarred and feathered by the masses while he strolled down the street and entered his two-million-dollar condo. Of course, he has had protection from hired security and the traitorous Canadian police force, which is another thing that amazes me, that this rat was able to hide from the people of Canada. The irony is that his protection came from law enforcement who are the people of Canada and this sad irony has been the case throughout the world.

John Tory’s net worth is approximately $50 million and his long-time wife Barbara Hackett has a net worth in the millions as well. Just the type of people you want to look after the grass roots of Toronto Citizens. These people need to go to an island somewhere else and get the hell away from us. Perhaps Epstein’s Island would be the ideal place, without the children.

This rat who is called the Honorable John Tory was born in Toronto, Ontario, and his father John A Tory was the president of Thomson investments Limited and director of Rogers communications. His grandfather was lawyer John S. D. Tory and his great-grandfather was the founder Sun Life of Canada.

John Tory is ultimately a failure as it took him twenty years to become the mayor after losing out during those years. He failed as the leader of the Conservative party in Ontario from 2004 to 2009 and resigned and though he has background as a lawyer, he then became radio talk show host on some second-rate radio station called CFRB, no doubt talking a load of shite.

It is said that John Tory’s net worth has come from his business interests and political career. 50 million dollars? Wow. It seems that the Canadian people are getting hosed up their ‘wazoo as we say but is that something new? I don’t think so. Just do a background check on Brian Mulroney, the ex Prime Minister of Canada for eight years who had the nerve to sue the Canadian government (and therefore the taxpayers) for defamation of character and was awarded 75 million dollars. Then, soon after he was given the prestigious award, The Order of Canada but that’s another story for another time.

There will come a day that we the people take down these vermin who have been placed in positions of leadership. Greed, corruption, and deceit is their mantra all in the name of power. But now what has come to light in the Covid era is that they are not only showing themselves to be dictators and fascists but they are directly promoting the genocide of their own citizens.


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    I am in total agreement John, it is time for the big awakening of this shite. Even the truth about virus ;)

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