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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Blinded in the Lights

Muse #8

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon from the group, Let Freedom Reign:

I’m so tired of seeing people and their masks. Instead of covering your nose take it off and place it over your eyes. Then maybe you can smell the shit that is around you because you certainly can’t see it.

New flash but not on the legacy news stations:

80 doctors who have been vaccinated in Canada have died in the last year. Doctors of all ages.

It looks like the truckers and farmers are the only people who are keeping us away from total tyranny. Once they are removed the people will have nothing.

But now the deep state and their puppets are telling everyone that Meat makes too much carbon (mainly due to cattle farts!) and to save the environment we need to eat bugs as a substitute. Presently 30% of the population agree.

The gophers for the Cabal are now encouraging us to eat bugs to solve our ecological crisis, like Paul McCartney, who is promoting the documentary Eating our way to extinction. Paul McCartney, aka Willie Campbell (or Billy Shearers), has recently made a video which has gone viral to millions of his followers, showing himself getting his 5th booster shot. Yeah, right on, Willie, Billy, or whoever you are; that's a nice placebo you're receiving while you promote the kill shots to the millions of fools who follow you. Remember, folks, the word fools only mean you have been tricked. 

Mark Twain's famous line: It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

From the London Times in October 2022:

 Anti-vaxxers are a global menace that must be defeated.

From the Atlantic Commie Woke magazine:

We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about Covid.

Question: "Who are we that need to forgive? There are two sides to this pandemic story, but they want both sides to forgive each other. I don't think so. Which side was not allowed to travel, work, visit their families and friends, go shopping for groceries, go to gyms, restaurants etc.?

Question: Didn't you destroy people's lives, and don't you think you need to take accountability for this?

Reply: That' was like two years ago, asshole. Just get over it!"

Question: So, we are to forget about the tyranny and deaths that occurred because of your compliance?

Reply: "Hey-sorry you lost your job because of the vax that doesn't work and your grandmother died alone, and you couldn't go to her funeral, and your brother's business was needlessly destroyed, and your kids have weird heart problems—but let's just admit we were all wrong and so let's call a truce!"

Reply: "Now they are proposing Covid amnesty. 

Hell no, it's either jail for them or the death sentence, if applicable. These people are responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions. They attempted to criminalize the unvaxxed. They failed, and now they want us to forget their treachery. They told us it was safe and effective. They lied. People continue to die, unexpectedly, very young, athletes and children. Somebody must be held accountable; otherwise, it will happen again, just like in the past.

Statement: They are not asking for forgiveness. They are publicly forgiving themselves. 

Politicians and health ministers, cops, and nurses all need to be tried and sentenced for murder. But that's why they are bringing in WW3 and the economic crash so that people will eventually forget about the last three years.

Statement: We did it! We finally beat Covid! 

Meanwhile in, we see that there is a 280% increase in miscarriages. 487% spike in Breast cancer, 551% spike in Guillain Barre Syndrome, 270% spike in myocardial infarction, 470% spike in Pulmonary Embolism, 300% spike in Bell's Palsy, 450% in Ovarian dysfunction, 700 % spike in Multiple Sclerosis. 


Getting that shot is really the most amazing feeling! Justin Trudeau, aka Justine Castro.

"I don't know where this Inflation came from. It just came out of nowhere!" Christine Legard, President of the European Central Bank. Good answer Christine which shows that you are either a complete fool or a complete liar. We know where Inflation came from. It came from printing up trillions and trillions of Euros and pounds, Yen, and dollars.

Then we have Joe Biden talking about Inflation: "Inflation is a global problem right now because of the war in Iraq…excuse me. I mean the war in Ukraine. I'm thinking about Iraq because that's where my son died. Biden's son, Beau, actually passed in Maryland of brain cancer in 2015. However, Biden keeps telling parents who lost their sons in Iraq that he can sympathize with them because of the tragic loss of his son in that country. It looks like Biden's Bot is malfunctioning.

The Cabal and the agenda want to bring in social credit scores, so you will only get paid if you comply. You will have people who will always follow the narrative, wear masks, and take the lethal injection, and they will be the ones reporting on you if you don't follow the rules and mandates. They believe their programmed way of thinking is correct, and anything different will be met with great opposition.


The first of many Zero’s





 Well, he’s of a type. He’s been privileged his entire life. His Dad, Doug Sr., built the business Ford is CEO of. His Dad made the family millionaires. His Dad was an Ontario MPP in the 1990s. He walked into a business. He walked into politics on his dad’s coat tails, doing fund raising with his dad’s colleagues. He’s never really faced a challenge. He’s a very privileged white guy who without being a white male heir wouldn’t be in any of the positions of authority and responsibility he’s ended up in. And he assumes it’s because he earned it. He shows no signs of awareness of his absurd degree of privilege.

Ford finished high school. That’s it. He dropped out of the local college, not even university. His education is pretty much non-existent. Evidence of abstract thinking and reasoning is missing, as is any evidence of rigor in thought. That’s a serious problem. Some privileged kids become stars because they take their privilege as a springboard to deep academic accomplishment and a global career. Ford, not so much.

He’s not that great a businessman. His Dad built the business and made the money. Ford’s expansion attempts haven’t gone anywhere. The business is about what it was when he got it. Certainly, his dead brother’s wife’s lawsuit has some harsh things to say about him.

He’s not inherently ethical. I’ve spent of lot of time for stick in the mud privileged Ontario WASPs. Their sense of right and wrong is strong, they don’t bend the rules much but their work ethic is strong. I have a pretty good collection of friends and acquaintances that this describes. But Ford isn’t one of them. He was a mid-level drug dealer a few decades ago. He had drug dealers working for him. The lack of intellectual rigor is matched by his lack of ethical rigor. He’s fundamentally weak in two separate ways. He doesn’t have the intelligence or background that allows him to understand complex situations in any sort of nuanced way, and he doesn’t have an ethical compass which leads him to do the right thing.

He’s a poor Ontario guy’s idea of what a rich guy is. He has big annual barbecues that a lot of people show up to. He runs a label company. He’s got an SUV. His policy ideas are frat-boy level, and mostly thought up by people who aren’t him. He doesn’t have the brains to think up the ideas, or the brains to assess whether they are actually good, or the ethical sense to be able to judge right and wrong in the ideas. Buck a beer? Great in his eyes, despite serious substance abuse problems in his immediate family. Shutting down safe injection sites? Ditto. Defunding public health left, right and center? Who needs it, from his perspective? Cheap gas? Perfect for his SUV. Killing the carbon price? Yup, once again he’s incompetent to understand the problem.

His background, lack of nuance and lack of actual deal making skill mean that he’s just a partisan populist. He’ll attack almost anybody in order to get a vote, instead of supporting people or talking to them to get votes. That’s why the social conservatives who hated the sex ed thing all voted for him.

And that’s why his absurd string of anti-business actions in the past year have soured the business community on him, more than not. His actual actions included tearing up 758 contracts without recourse, threatening legislation in order to interfere with an arms length utility, interfering with business by mandating that they stick PR on their gas pumps and the like. He’s thrown all of the stable regulation that actually made sense up in the air.

And he’s not smart enough to realize that he’s surrounded by people who are going to profit it off it at the expense of the Ontario people. He doesn’t have the capacity to understand that and he doesn’t have the judgment required to realize that it’s a bad thing. Update: completely unsurprisingly, Ford has managed to create a significant patronage scandal in under a year.

There are a lot of conservative Canadian politicians I’ve respected over the past 20 years. Doug Ford isn’t one of them. He’s near the bottom of the list of respect for people who have made it as far in politics as he has. He has stumbled into a position of power, and he’s far above his level of competence.

I’d have a lot of sympathy for the people of Ontario, but they handed this to him. I have a lot more sympathy for the people of Canada who didn’t have a choice but to eat the shitty pie that Canada is going to suffer through because its biggest, richest province is regressing


 Doug Ford is a Canadian businessman and politician who has served as the 26th and current premier of Ontario since June 2018 and Leader of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party since March 2018. He represents the Toronto area riding of Etobicoke North in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

With his brother Randy, Ford co-owns Deco Labels and Tags, a printing business operating in Canada and the United States that was founded by their father, Doug Ford Sr., who served as a member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) from 1995 to 1999. Ford was a Toronto city councillor for Ward 2 Etobicoke North from 2010 to 2014 while his brother, Rob Ford, was mayor of Toronto. Ford ran for the 2014 Toronto mayoral election, where he placed second behind John Tory. In 2018, Ford won the party leadership election of the PC Party and led the PCs to a majority win in the 2018 Ontario general election.

The kicker is Doug Ford’s net worth is 50 million dollars and so here we are once again with another rich arrogant narcissist who portrays a man of the people but the Ford family are as dangerous as all the other political gangsters we will be outlining in our story.

I believe that our man Ford is in over his head and is why the Cabal installed him into the position of Premier of Ontario. Doug Ford’s greed was unsurpassed. When you saw him on television during the lockdown era in 2020 ordering the provincial governments mandates and forced restrictions on his fellow citizens, he looks like he is a deer caught in the lights. He is reading from a script but his heart wasn’t in it. But I digress. There is no heart or soul in that empty shell and so I believe he is in terror because he is longer in control of his life. One step out of line and he will be history or someone in his family will be.

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