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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Another Victim of Unfair Journalism

 Muse #7

                                                             CALIFORNIA NEWS FLASH

Governor Gavin Newsome in California, another villainous tyrant has just signed a bill making the state of California a sanctuary for gender child surgery. Bill 107 prohibits parents from interfering with their children who are deciding to chop off parts of their body. The bill gives the state the authority to take the custody of the child if the parents do not agree with the child wishes. The bill states that that social services will take custody of the child if it has been determined that they have been “abused” by their parents for now complying with the children’s wishes to have a sex change. This is what is going on in our demented, satanic, inverted world. A “law” that is authorising the state to take temporary jurisdiction because a child has been unable to obtain gender affirming health care.

The bill, Senate bill 107, was sponsored by state senator Scott Weiner who represents San Francisco.IN 2020 Weiner also passed a law that stated adults who have oral or anal sex with a child ten years younger than the offender may not have to register as a sex offender, leaving that decision to a judge. The law supposedly addressed discrimination against LGBT people.

So, sexual abuse of a minor is going to be the “new normal”? And if an 18-year-old wants to have anal sex with an 8-year-old, then that’s going to be acceptable?

To get a tattoo, you need to be 18 years old. To drink alcohol, you need to be 18 or even in some states, 21 years old. To vote you need to be 18. But if you want to have a sex change, take hormonal injections to reduce normal testosterone growth, or take medication to undermine normal hormonal growth then that’s okay for a fourteen-year-old? Or a ten-year-old? How about a six-year-old? Under that bill, if a ten-year-old wants to have oral sex with a twenty-year old that will be quite normal as well. Anal sex is also permissible.

                                                   To maid or not to maid? that is the question!    

In Canada, maid stands for medically assistance in dying and now has become the number one cause of deaths, just edging out unknown cause of death which is being called SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). Certainly, this country has gone mad and is now and insane asylum which helps to execute their citizens? Just as the Nazis had to eliminate the Jewish problem, Canada has a similar plan to first eliminate the elderly (which has already been done since the plandemic began), then the handicapped and the rest of the population who are seen as a financial detriment to the system.

If you have severe depression, your doctor may suggest suicide for you out book an appointment with Maid. There is no waiting list and no need to suffer. You just need to call and your appointment will me made (pardon the pun) within a week’s time no matter what your age.

The government of Canada has saved 90 million dollars from encouraging and assisting people to end their lives which comes to a savings of approximately 8,000 per person based on the murder of over 10,000 Canadians. To build four missiles for bombing cities in other countries costs about the same.

Meanwhile millions of foreigners have arrived in Canada with free health care.

Canadian parents have asked for medically assisted death for their handicapped babies. Who knows, perhaps they just cry a lot but no matter what the problem is, killing them can be arranged as is the case with the elderly and war veterans who are suffering from PTS.

“Kids are cute but they are not really eco-friendly” The Times

By Caroline Mortimer

“One less baby helps the planet more than giving up meat or having a car. What are the percentages determined good for the earth?

  1. Not having babies 60%
  2. Avoiding trans-Atlantic flights 2.8%
  3. Living car free 2.4%
  4. Washing clothes in cold water 0.3%
  5. Upgrading light bulbs
  6. Eating a plant-based diet 0.5%


High School Teacher in Ireland arrested and jailed since September with no bail. My god what did he do? Cheat, lie, steal, had sex with a student (Like Castro-Trudeau often did when he was a drama teacher)?

No, this high school teacher had to audacity to say No.

No to what? He said no to calling a student who was transitioning into a female (yes, another one) THEY. He refused based on his religious beliefs and probably his beliefs as an adult with critical thought. This occurred with Dr. Jordan Peterson when he also refused to comply to the University of Toronto’s he/she/zhi/they mandates

The High school teacher in Ireland was suspended from the school but he refused to accept the suspension and showed up to teach the following days afterward. He was subsequently arrested and jailed. The judge has told him he would be immediately released upon his apology and compliance to the wishes of the student and the school board. He has since refused and is still in jail, three months and counting.

Story #7

Another Victim of Darryl Leroux

By Chief Karole Dumont

Metis Nation of Canada

For over two-decades Nadine St-Louis has been a highly respecting leading figure in action for social innovation and inclusion in the indigenous world. This woman has played an important role in the devilment of an ecosystem to support indigenous arts and culture. A Metis woman whose impact contributes significantly to social change and inclusion of indigenous voices.

During a severe pandemic in Quebec, the most affected province, Darryl Leroux’s twitter posts find allies among journalists at Radio Canada’s Espaces Autochthones (Indigenous Space) who hammer relentlessly and shamefully on Nadine-St-Louis based on frivolous and unfounded accusations of a professor in one-sided articles. Why would an executive journalist, the FD of an Indigenous Friendship Center, support the journalist’s one-sided article depicting Nadine St-Louis as a fraudulent woman claiming to be Indigenous, when she is clearly a verified and proven indigenous person under s.35 of the Canadian Constitution 1982? This article based on Darryl Leroux’s claim that Nadine’s only Metis ancestry goes back to the 1600’s is unsubstantiated and poorly researched. In order to determine his claim, he would have had to do a complete study of Nadine’s entire ancestry, which implies intrusion in her personal life and information.

And even if her ancestry dated back to 1600, whose business is it to decide whether she has a right to identify as Metis or not? Who appointed the self-declared “expert” to the role of judge, prosecutor, and jury on such a complex issue? Are we at the point when society accepts for a white man to grant himself the right to publicly attack, bully, and enlist the help of reporters to tear his victim apart in the social media arena? As a society, have we regressed so far back that we will accept the vicious persecution of public figures just because they are brave enough to identify as eastern Metis? Are we becoming so blood-thirsty that we will continue such vigilantism acts towards innocent people, and worse, people like Nadine, who have done so much for the Indigenous Peoples of this country?

For centuries, in eastern Canada, the Metis have been persecuted and driven to hide their identity at all costs for survival. Even in times of pre-Acadian illegal and brutal deportation, the Metis were targeted by the Church, the, government, and society as undesirable second-class citizens. Those dark enough to pass for “Indian” sought shelter among their First-Nation families, while the others melted into the general population and the millions of immigrants. Even in the mid-1900’s, self-identifying as Metis was a risky business for many Metis (but not all) in Quebec and the Maritimes. Fortunately, society relented in the 1960’s, a time of “Peace and Love” and good global acceptance. By the 1980’s some Metis in the east felt safe enough to speak of their mixed-blood ancestry. At the dawn of the 21st century, Metis peoples realized that they owed it to their ancestors to honour them by celebrating their legacy through education and cultural revival. The Metis made some tremendous progress on the legal scene, in the courts and in society.

Until the last decade or so, when a western Metis organisation decided to rewrite history and create a whole new Metis “identity” and exclusivity, even elitism. A few years ago, a sandbox battle among academics triggered a war that has grown into what we are facing today: a systematic persecution of any eastern person “daring” to identify as Metis. Last year, a professor who is neither a genealogist, nor a historian, not even an anthropologist, and certainly not an expert in indigeneity, wrote a book that appears dangerously close to slanderous and racist attacks on eastern Metis, especially towards women who are high achievers. At the front and leading this battle (and apparently in service to the elitist group claiming to be Canada’s only Metis Nation) is the author of the book: Darryl Leroux, a self-declared white man who has been taking the promotion of his book to a level entirely unacceptable in the academic circles, and even more so in the serious research circles. Why is this white conducting such blood-thirsty attacks on mostly Metis women in Quebec and Eastern Canada? Is it worth causing emotional and physical distress especially in this time of pandemic crisis where all attentions should be helping one another?

Joining the campaign, are none other than Radio Canada’s journalists. While the Media world needs the “likes” and the followers, have we stopped so low to accept such destructive conduct from reporters whose call of honour is supposed to be integrity, impartiality, and ethics? One had to indeed wonder where has journalistic integrity, ethics and neutrality gone to? Or are we looking at an organized persecution of anyone daring to identify as Indigenous or Metis in Quebec?

In this witch-hunt, a confirmed and verified Metis woman, Nadine St-Louis, is basically (and figuratively) dragged to the town’s central plaza, tied to a post, stripped and lapidated by Leroux, his followers, and the reporters. And for what reason?

Is there another motive behind this relentless pursuit of glory at the expense of innocent bystanders, whose sole “crime” is to be an eastern Metis? Is this a case of gender-based violence or a case of racism from a white man and media players who take it upon themselves to conduct cultural cleansing? Why is Leroux appearing to target, harass, and slander mostly eastern Metis, especially high achieving women? Why are other indigenous peoples joining in this witch-hunt, turning against their own peoples and relations at a time when all indigenous peoples would work together for the safety and heath of our people? Why pool the real Metis with those who falsely claim our identity? Why deny the origin and existence o Metis in the east, when anyone with a brain knows very well that the first Metis were born in the east in the 17th century, not in Red River in the 1800’s?

And why on earth would journalists who are supposed to present well-balanced and neutral stories, join the pack of blood-thirsty hyenas in the pursuit of public shaming of people they have not consulted, interviewed, or spoken to, based on the one-sided poorly supported comments and/or articles of a white man who clearly has a bone to pick with eastern Metis?

This is not a story of a knight on a white horse, quite the opposite. This goes beyond bullying; almost to the point of vigilantism and targeting. Shame on Via Rail for removing Nadine’s picture from their posters based on senseless one-sided, unproven claims from a white man towards and Indigenous woman. And shame on Radio Canada and Espaces Authochtones for jumping into the foray, brandishing the sword on innocent victims, time after time, for the sake of a few “likes” and copy sales. Will Radio Canada ever return to ethical, unbiased, and truthful reporting?

Chief Karole Dumont May 28/2020

The True Zeros of this story:

Darryl Laroux: Narcissistic egotistic racist who is sadly viewed as a teacher and writer.

Isabelle Hachey soulless reporter of fake news for Lapresse newspaper in Montreal.

La Presse Newspaper: Just one of hundreds of lying mainstream media outlets paid off by the mafia government.

Countless indigenous people who walked away from Nadine St. Louis—who took their payout money and ran.


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  • John Fyfe on

    Hi Lynn. Good to hear from you, and thanks for your message. It is truly an important time and your concern for your grandkids is as important. Feel free to correspond on my writings here. We will talk sometime….John

  • Lynn on

    I honestly don’t know what this world is coming to. Seems common sense and empathy towards others has disappeared. What kind of world are our grandchildren about to witness. Very concerning indeed!

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