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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Maniacs in Manitoba


Now, let’s declare a pandemic amnesty.

"Jeff Berwick – what a mensch! So magnanimous, so ungrudging."

Lest we forget:

       Howard Stern (known for his Jewishness) called out ‘imbecile anti-vaxxers to go f–k yourself’!

  • Senator Arnold Schwarzenegger (son of a Nazi and Holocaust apologist) said ‘screw your freedom’!
  • Juliette Kayyen (member of Tree of Life synagogue demanded that anti-vaxxers ‘face isolation, fines, and arrests.

“The list goes on, but shouldn’t these three have been first in line to recognize and oppose the persecution and tyranny we witnessed throughout the world over the past 3 years?

Ya think?

And now we are being asked to “Declare a Pandemic Amnesty” and forgive "each other" for what we did and said when we were in the dark about Covid…"

In Star Wars, as Palpatine crowned himself Emperor, the Senators who had vowed to protect liberty and democracy, did not protest. Neither were they silent. Rather they cheered and applauded – willing to sacrifice their hard-won freedom for meager scraps of security and vague promises of stability and prosperity.

Padmé Amidala was heartbroken that all the sacrifices that she and her friends and loved ones had made were ultimately futile. But she was not all that surprised. People are the same everywhere. Even when some of them are aliens.

Some smart girl tweeted, "I identify as a conspiracy theorist because I won’t wear a mask. My pronouns are They/Lied."

They refused bedside visits to dying family, or little old ladies.

 But it’s not my kids with weird heart diseases, because I forced them to get jabbed to ‘save lives’.

So, here’s my absolution to all the vaccine believers: Go get yourself another booster (or two if you can).

Please. Do it for the common good. “Jeff Berwick”


It seems like a lot of people don’t want liberty. It’s been 3 years now since the biggest psyop took place in October 2019. That was when the John Hopkins Centre for Health security in partnership with The World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level exercise on October 18/2019. The exercise illustrated areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences. The plan/agenda was on!

It's amazing after three years that people are still buying into this fake pandemic and still wearing diapers on their face after receiving their lethal jabs. These are not humans who can think for themselves anymore. At the very least they are under serious mind control and some (with the numbers growing) have simply become robots.

Headline: Grown man who identifies as a baby gets kicked out of a children’s park as he walks about in his diapers and suss.

A man by the name of Cameron Hogg twitted recently that he lethally injected his wife with the vaccine while she was asleep. “My wife has been scared to get the Vaccine for the last year. My brother recently got hired at CVS and was able to obtain a Pfizer shot and sold it to me at half price (Wow what a great deal for the lethal injection). I Injected my wife in her sleep. But now she is having severe hip pain and night sweats. Is this normal?

Somebody replied. “No, it’s not normal. What kind of a sick monster are you to do that to your wife?

Reply: “It was for her safety, you jerk! She wouldn’t do it willingly. I tried for months! I have saved her!

Somebody else replied. You are like killing someone in their sleep. That’s no worse than a serial killer.

Cameron Hogg: “Get a reality check, you jerk. She’s still alive: She has no feeling in her arm now and her temperature is 104. I’ve heard this happens. Not everyone is superman like you!”

April 2022 Headline: DJ Mighty Mouse: “Just had my booster jab. Definitely does not come with a boost of energy.”

Justin Trudeau aka Justin Castro was public stating on a video it was like an opium high when receiving his fake shot. “It’s such a great feeling. Ooh, I can hardly believe the euphoria I felt!” That would have been wonderful news if he took the real jab, not the placebo!

October 2022 Headline: DJ Mighty Mouse dies in his sleep at his Villa in Spain: Musical producer suffered aortic aneurysm.

George Carlin: “This week for Halloween, I’m dressing up for freedom. That seems to be what most people are afraid of! George Carlin.

News Flash: Prior to Covid there were approximately 79 athletes dying from Myocarditis. Now 1376 athletes have died from this condition.

So, 2.9 million people died from influenza and pneumonia in 2018. There was a 98% decline in influenza cases in 2020 but 2.8 million people died from Covid. It’s really not that hard to figure out what they’ve done.

Twitted by Jeff Gaudry: “I’m an unvaxxed 40-year-old, white, straight, male. I’m a freedom fighter who is against mandates and government overreach. For Halloween this year, I’m going to be myself since this seems to scare the shit out of most of society.”

The CDC director Rochelle Wolensky has all five boosters, took Paxlovid and now has Covid for the second time in a month. I think it’s time to start listening to your “conspiracy friends’ over the “experts”. Also, since it’s not Covid and the tests aren’t accurate, maybe it’s time to realize you’ve been scammed.


 Maniacs in Manitoba

Owners Dave and Paulina Jones resisted Manitoba's segregationist and divisive vaccine passports when the system was first implemented province-wide last year.  

They had their liquor license pulled and received fines totaling over $60,000 for their non-compliance with health restrictions tailor-made to sink small business owners who weren't willing to enforce these Orwellian health measures.

Although they received heaps of support when they first took their stand, the restaurant has fallen on hard times.  

The loss of their liquor license, removal from takeout apps like Skip the Dishes, and their town seemingly turning on them for defying the mandates have put Dave and Paulina in a precarious position.  Unfortunately, Monstrosity Burger has had to shut down and sell their location, with hopes of opening again in the future. Rebel News Report.

These heroes took on the truly Nazi state of Manitoba. This province was arresting people like Maxime Bernier the leader of the newly founded People’s Party of Canada and Chris Sky who both had “the audacity” to be driving through their province from another province. This was deemed to be illegal based on Manitoba’s unilateral decision to barricade anyone who didn’t isolate coming from another province. They both also happened to be freedom rallies and were going to be keynote speakers.

So, Dave and Paulina Jones were strong, courageous, and stood for truth and kept their restaurant open making it free choice for patrons to wear or not wear a mask as they entered their restaurant and we all know what other protocols were being insisted to be used back then, social distancing and washing your hands etc. These health regulations were defied in the eyes of these fools who loved their role as enforcers. They were fined thirteen times of 5,000 dollars. The amount has now grown to 100,000 dollars with other fines that they have never received. Their lawyer had only recently found this from the Manitoba “authorities.”

But later when the restaurant was legally “allowed” to be open for customers, was the removal of their liqueur license have anything to do with health or safety, or was it as we know due to punishment because they said no to those health inspectors who one day will be arrested?

The tricky part of this story is that the people of Manitoba who were in support of Dave and Paulina Jones and showed up in high numbers when they happily wait for two hours to enter their establishment were a huge part of this defiance and freedom movement. But what has happened to these many supporters now? Where have they gone? The question is asked because many have walked away and are no longer in support of Dave and Paulina Jones. Is it because their minds have been altered by the jabs they have received or is it the brainwashing program going on from 5G since that has recently been cranked up to full volume?

Why have they bailed? Do they think what has occurred in these last two years is going to stop and their tyrannical mandate makers were right? Or is that they have lost their heart and soul and are no longer the same people they once were?


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