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Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Breaking Free

Muse #4

Over the years, I've read so much from inspirational writers that the mainstream would call conspirators. Still, that word never bothered me, for it indicated that it was likely accurate information because of that dismissive label. A new interpretation of conspiracy was programmed into the general population's mind back in the 60s. Conspiracy became a label that identified anyone who thought outside the box, went against the narrative, and exposed a conspiracy such as it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald who killed President John Kennedy, which now is pretty evident that it wasn't. How convenient to make that word work for conspirators!

I have come to see over the years that mainstream media reports are blatant lies hiding from people what's really going on. Most reporters don't even know it but continue to spew lies in their complete arrogance because they also believe in the narrative. Others have simply sold their soul.

I knew in my heart and soul that those inspirational writers had a key to a door of information hidden from us, and I wanted to learn more. I resonated with what most had to say; much of it was provable. We only had to take the time to do some simple research.

I eagerly wanted to share this information with my friends and family but soon saw that most would not listen, let alone delve into the material I had. So, I began transcribing information from the many books I was reading and began to add my own thoughts from my experiences of what I've witnessed in this matrix that we live in. It has been a mind-boggling journey that I've been on for the last fifty years. I realized at an early age that this world was not one I could trust and happily live in. However, there is light at the end of this long dark tunnel humanity has been in. We are coming to the end of the darkness, and it is something I hope beyond hope to see!




By David Cheyne from Druthers news


Story #4

We have been up against the largest marketing campaign in human history. We are literally fighting against all the news agencies, print paper agencies, Hollywood actors paid to endorse this bullshit, and yet we will win.

We will win because the truth is stronger than billions of dollars pushing lies. The old adage of the truth prevails is not a cliché. It is also the truth.

Our government will continue to pour on the lies with variants, monkeypox, climate crisis, financial crashes they created, and yet we will keep on fighting for the truth. After time many that are asleep will start joining the fight as they have been. Unfortunately for many they don’t get involved until they are directly affected.

But this is a message of encouragement to everyone.

We are not cattle. We are not property of the Crown.

While some sit and criticize us for what we do, we will continue the fight on their behalf due to their ignorance or cowardice. There are only a few reasons stopping people from being involved in this fight.

People are scared of their friends laughing at them or criticizing them. They are still hypnotized and trapped in the lie. Or they have become so apathetic and soulless that they just don’t care.

Over generations we have become weak through poor health habits and mindless TV sucking our souls away from us. For many decades we have been taught to work hard, come home and plop yourself down on a chair and watch mindless brain washing material for hours just to get up and repeat this process everyday.

Some people escape this and become small business owners just to work even longer hours just to have the government overregulate, overtax, and try to control our lives.

To become truly free, you must understand the government has zero authority over us. Income tax was introduced as a temporary measure to help out with the war.

Everything the government says is temporary becomes permanent.

All these mandates are testing grounds for future laws of restricting our freedoms. A test of compliance. When compliance stops, so does tyranny.

Let me remind you of a famous quote.

“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson.

You can continue to sit on the sidelines and wait for other people to fix this for you. Or you can add your voice to the millions of Canadians that are openly voicing their frustrations directly to the people that need to hear what they have to say.

This Canadian is not going to sit idly and watch our government murder its citizens from illegal mandates. Poverty, drug addiction, suicides, overdoses have all overshadowed this bullshit flu. But the media kept your attention where Trudeau wanted it. It cost him 1.6 billion dollars of our tax money to terrorize you into compliance. This should make your blood boil with rage. It sure does for us freedom fighters. Especially when we see him brag about it in private press conferences to the liberal party.

This Canadian will risk his freedom and life for a better future for the kids that inherit our planet.

No, I am not a morally superior person to anybody else. I have flaws, ego, and many other human imperfections. But I love my country the way it was. I love people regardless of their faults, and I will not sit by and watch these politician crooks kill innocent people and change our system into a totalitarian society.

This is about humanity versus transhumanism. Liberty versus totalitarianism.

There is hope because it seems even the liberal MPs are turning against Trudeau. There is still good people Parliament but they are just as brain washed as most of the Canadians have been. By being a voice and letting them know the truth and directing them to the evidence we are turning things around.

The truth will prevail

But if you think this is going to over soon you are mistaken. The conservatives are the party that signed on to agenda 2021 agenda 2030 and agenda 2050. It does not matter who is in power. They are going to push us towards the same way that Justin Trudeau has. The only blockage in their way is the population of each country.

Think history folks.

Think Mahatma Gandhi leading one million Indians in a peaceful resistance. History continues to repeat itself. Governments always end up turning on the people in the name of greed, personal bribes and incentives from lobbyists and big corporations that are really running the show.

This is not conspiracy theory; this is historical fact.

All freedom fighting Canadians that are standing for your rights regardless of what you are doing will continue with or without you. The larger of an army we create the stronger our message is heard.

So, what’s it going to be?

Ignorant bliss, cowardice, or crossing over and joining us in the biggest fight of our lifetimes? The choice was very easy for me regardless of any personal consequence.

Humanity. Join us. You know where to find us now. https://awakecanada.org

Download Bonnie Henry emails here:


They make it clear that she knew these vaccines were dangerous one month into their release.

There are also a lot of nonresponses to letters I know that were sent to her last year.

Like the 3 doctors from the Okanagan that you can read about here:


Please share these everywhere, social media is creaming Awake Canada with massive censorship and I just picked up another 30 days ban for posting a link to a government website.

Imagine that! I got a 30 day ban for posting a link to a government website.

They are doing everything to shut us up, so you must help us to do everything to be the loudest we can. We will not be silenced!


This excerpt by Guy Crittenden

Druthers News

Druthers is written, funded, promoted & distributed freely concerned Canadians like you.


Warrant officer James Topp has served with the Canadian Armed Forces for 28 years. His current battle isn’t with a foreign army; instead, he’s fighting against dismissal for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination. He remains active in the reserve army and hopes to raise awareness of the injustice of mandated experimental injections by marching from Vancouver to Ottawa, following the route Terry Fox famously traversed in 1980. His long journey began way back in BC on February 20 and will terminate in Ottawa at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier on July 1st Canada Day.

Topp met with politicians about a week before his arrival in Ottawa, but from what I saw, his passion is connecting with ordinary Canadians who come out to greet him along the way, and often join in the march for a stretch.

The vehicles in the Callander venue parking lot were festooned with Canadian flags—I teared up at the sea of red and white. I was told that I could join the march the following morning at the HOW Convenience Store.

At 8 AM on Sunday, June 19th, I arrived at the rendezvous location and joined Topp, his crew, and about a half-dozen people who joined to walk that day.

“I’m the journalist you’ve been waiting for,” I said to Topp with a grin. “You know, the one who knows what’s going on.”

My cheeky introduction fell flat as Topp asked if I had a card (which I gave him) as he then crossed the highway. I realized my faux pas; I should have introduced myself as an activist first, and a freelance writer second.

“I’ve written articles covering every aspect of the globalist takeover,” I said, to underscore that I’m not hostile media.

“I don’t really discuss such things,” Topp replied.

I turned this over in my mind as I fell in at the back of the line and we marched west through North Bay and then many Kilometres past it before I said goodbye at a rest stop and headed home.

Topp’s taciturnity could have turned me off, but I actually appreciated his caution as I had yet to earn his trust. Most editors in legacy institutions like the CBC are hostile to Topps message, having slavishly promoted government edicts and medical tyranny for over two years—offering no alternative perspectives on useless mask-wearing, destructive lockdowns, and the jabs that we now know cause injury and death. (Only the day before I’d watched a podcast in which feminist intellectual and former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf stated we’re living through a global genocide. She also said she had just learned that the only safety study supporting claims the vaccines are safe and effective for pregnant woman was of 44 pregnant rats in France in which two thirds suffered miscarriages.

During my marching time with Topp, I witnessed a real drill sergeant who at times gave quick tutorials to his followers about single-and double-file formations (The latter being useful for quick intersection crossings!). And I witnessed another, kinder side of the man whose eyes light up around children and who exceedingly gracious with strangers who stop their cars and run up to shake his on the highway shoulder.

I think we have the makings of a hero here; a man of grit and integrity who cares for down-to-earth people (and doesn’t cater media showboats…like myself!).

What disgrace that this man walked across Canada to bring forth awareness to Canadians and was discarded as a radical by the legacy media. What a disgrace that most of the population of sleeping zombies who are zeroes and dare to call themselves Canadians did not get his message and believed the lying mainstream media. James Topp walked four thousand kilometres to help Canadians join and fight for not only their freedom but especially for the freedom of their children.




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