Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
Welcome to the World of The Real John R. Fyfe ~ Vedic Astrologer & Author
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Paying customers are getting asked the “new normal” questions at a water slide in Hamilton, which will likely become the trend elsewhere in this insane asylum of a world. Each time they returned to the slide, men, women, and children were asked whether they weighed over 300 pounds. The men were then asked if they were pregnant, and the children of all ages were asked if they were on drugs, even seven-year-olds. These questions were to protect the three hundred-pounders from feeling singled out. I guess those questions also were meant to protect a seven or ten-year-old who might be taking cocaine or Fentanyl. And, of course, we don’t want to single out a transgender pregnant man!

Experts say: new study links Falling asleep to TV to early death and disease:

Experts warn: Certain sleeping positions could increase risk of Blood Clots and Heart problems:

Experts Link: Napping during the daytime may enhance early death by a third.

Experts say: Showering in the wrong standing positions can be life threatening.

Experts tell us: Eating cockroaches and other bugs has 3 times the nutritional value than beef

What they don’t tell is this: Insects contain Chitin which cannot be processed by our gut. Chitin is polysaccharide, which is very tasty to cancer, parasites, fungi, and pretty much all what give you sickness. Chitin is a building part of them. Also, they contain metamorphic steroids especially ecdysterone. This is not a food for mammals. Only birds can process insect food as their digestive apparatus is completely different from ours.

There is a $4.50 energy bar creeping into supermarkets now. Shoppers can now buy chocolate treats made from edible crickets. An Australian company has made a range of energy bars made from crickets. The treats come in three flavours choc mint, cacao fudge and banoffee pie. The unique health snacks are protein packed and are dairy and gluten free. IGA has become the first Australian supermarket to sell the edible insect range. A gas station in Australia or as Jeff Berwick likes to call it, Aust-jalia, is now selling Cricket and Larvae snacks all nicely packaged though it doesn’t look so appealing when you look at the photos on the package. After all isn’t larvae maggots? Yum.

The Leading Cause of Death in Alberta is now CAUSE UNKNOWN

In 2019 unknown reasons for death were calculated to be 522

In 2020 it was 1,464

In 2021 it was 3,362 and growing.

The warning signs of unknown causes of death is not known.

“Experts” are now saying that climate change and over-exercising is the number one cause in deaths with children.

Children’s cartoons (nursery age children) are now getting bombarded with gay pride flags and transgender animals and the world keeps accepting. I'm amazed how quickly everything is produced in the inverted way. I’m amazed that the public think all is well.

NFL has allowed their first transgender cheerleader to join the female cheerleaders. (I hope she shaves before the game!)

Sadly, Zoo animals in Toronto are being injected with the Vaccination. The trainers and zookeepers think that this is just fine.




A Hero for his relentless research for the Truth

There are planned pandemics, orchestrated food and gas shortages, weather warfare causing natural disasters to create the hoax of climate change, forced vaccinations that will murder millions and potentially billions and severely weaken the surviving one’s with their insane plans to end humanity and make everyone a 100% controlled cyborg and so much more. Then there is the removal of all rights and freedoms from humanity, the installing of vaccine passports which create inhumane societies where only the constantly injected can function, the building of a world where every soul will be monitored day and night by an omnipresent surveillance system.

The plans being rolled out by the psychopaths that managed to occupy the highest seats in almost every land of the world, are too absurd for words.

When the president of Chile goes on national television and reports what 5G is really about: 5G will read everybody’s thoughts and emotions, thus becoming the central nervous system of our societies.

Klaus Schwab confirms this, with the statement that one of the results of making every human a cyborg will be, that we will all be elevated to one and the same consciousness.

The insane professor Yuval Noah Harari is promoted by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to voice their agenda even more, by stating that the era of free will and faith in God is over, as every human can now be hacked and programmed.

These are statements we have all heard before…in movies!

But now these insane criminals are publicly declaring their official agenda for mankind. The attack being launched on humanity is beyond description.

Their plan is to crush humanity under these orchestrated catastrophes, so we would accept their one world government of unprecedented control and tyranny to “save” us.



I want to say yes, followed by a thousand more yesses. It would take me too far to explain in depth why I have this deep conviction, but let me say a few basics:

Before I show why there is 100% assurance that Truth and Freedom sins, and the good people will overcome, I will quickly outline the severity of the attacks on humanity:

The insanity of their plans is so extreme, that it is exposing them for who they are. Hundreds of millions have woken up the past year, and this is just the start of what will be a volcanic eruption of our world.

Although these monsters own literally all the mainstream media worldwide, and have a total monopoly over the information flow, they are still not able to truly brainwash the world.

Imagine this: they own the thousands upon thousands of newspapers, radio stations, TV agencies, the major book publishers, and on top of that that they own most hospitals and virtually the entire worldwide health care system, which allows them to dictate policies so cruel and criminal that some doctors have killed themselves, because they no longer could go along with it



The documentary Monopoly shows this in detail, with all the evidence on screen, how essentially every major brand, name, corporation, industry in this world-be it food, travel, agriculture, energy, automotive, healthcare, entertainment, clothing, technology, EVERYTHING-is owned by the very same small group of astronomically wealthy satanists.

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